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Tagline(s): ''The Design of Driving"
Type: Automotive/Heavy construction equipment company
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto V
"German manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Precision-engineered status symbols for rich people."
―Description at

Übermacht (BAWSAQ: UMA) is a German automotive and heavy construction equipment company featured in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto. It is likely a parody of the German automobiles manufacturer BMW. The player can buy stocks from them in the website in GTA V.


Every Übermacht vehicle is derived from BMW designs, usually with different bumpers and grille, as opposed to BMW's trademark "kidney grille". The term "übermacht" is German for "supremacy" or "superior", likely a jab at real-life BMW owners having a feeling of superiority over the other marques when driving. Just like Benefactor, the cars have modified versions, in reference to BMW's in-house tuning division, BMW M GmbH. The tuning division is known as "XS", which sounds like "excess", again a pun on BMW's over engineering . However, like Benefactor, most of the modifications are purely aesthetics. An Oracle ad parodying BMW's ad style is seen on billboards around Liberty City, including one at Star Junction.


Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universse) Notes
Oracle Executive sedan 2002-2008 BMW 7 Series
2009-2015 BMW 7 Series
2011-2017 BMW 6 Series
Includes second generation appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.
Rebla Crossover SUV 2003-2009 BMW X5 Only in Grand Theft Auto IV.
Sentinel Sports coupé BMW 330ci (2003-2006) (Grand Theft Auto IV)
BMW 335i Cabrio (Grand Theft Auto V)
Sentinel XS Sports coupé 2001-2006 BMW M3 (Grand Theft Auto IV)
2007 BMW M3 (Grand Theft Auto V)
Zion Sports coupé 2003-2010 BMW 650i Coupé (Regular Zion)
2005-2011 BMW M6 (Zion XS)
Grand Theft Auto V exclusive.




  • Übermacht competes with Benefactor and Obey, just like how real life BMW competes with Mercedes-Benz and Audi.
    • There is an advert for the Zion in Morningwood with the text "DISOBEY", and under it "The Design of Driving" which is a hint of its rivalry with Obey, which may be a parody of a billboard rivalry between BMW and Audi in Los Angeles around 2007.[1] Another one is placed on top of a building in Downtown Vinewood, coincidentally placed in front of an Obey billboard.
  • The Oracle, Sentinel and Rebla represent the original BMW model lineups (7-series, 3-series, 5-series, and X-series). However, the 5-series based models are only found in the 3D Universe, namely the GTA VC and GTA SA renditions of the Sentinel.
    • It is still unknown yet if any 5-series based model will be added in GTA V as a DLC vehicle.
  • There are various cranes with Übermacht logos.
    Ubermacht GTAVe Crane

    Crane at the Mile High Club construction site.

  • In GTA IV, the logo is seen as a diamond, but in GTA V the logo is seen as circular on cranes and billboards.
  • Examples of competitors of Übermacht vehicles are The Zion and Feltzer (BMW 6 Series (E63) and Mercedes-Benz SL), the Sentinel XS and the Schwartzer.
  • The names of three Übermacht vehicles could be reference to the movie "The Matrix". The Oracle is a reference to the computer program that helps humans fight the machines, the Zion is a reference to the last human city, and the Sentinel is a reference to the machines the humans are at war with.
  • The Zion and the Sentinel appear to be sister vehicles, the Sentinel appears to be a smaller version of the Zion and the vehicles share similar design cues. Similarly to the real life version, the BMW 6 series appears to be a bulkier, more luxurious BMW 3 series convertible.
  • The Ubermacht's slogan "The Design Of Driving" is a pun to the real-life BMW's "Sheer Driving Pleasure" both of the slogan means enjoyable drive in a car.


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