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Unnamed Beta Gang
Members of the gang as seen on an early screenshot
Games: Grand Theft Auto III
Locations: Possibly Chinatown or the Red Light District
Leaders: Unknown
Type: Unknown, probably Hispanic Street Gang
Vehicles: Possibly Hum Vee
Weapons: Baseball Bat

The Unnamed Beta Gang (unofficialy named) was a possible beta gang in Grand Theft Auto III. Their role is unknown.


The gang can be seen on some early screenshots of GTA III. They have bandanas with a flag on their heads or regular bandanas, similiar to the ones which the Diablos wear, and have dark blue cloth-jackets, jeans shorts with green ends and a white stripe with black stars on them and black-white sneakers. On one screenshot they can be seen carrying a Baseball Bat and standing near a Hum Vee, the beta Patriot.

Possible final version

It is possible that this gang is a very early version of the Diablos or the Triads, however it is unknown. They may be also the beta Liberty City Terrorist.


Gta 3 beta gang member

Another image of a beta gang member. The area he is in looks to be Harwood, just around the corner from the first safe-house, facing Saint Mark's. This also looks to be in a beta version of Harwood.

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