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180px-Unnamed area bonecounty

The town circled in green.

The Unnamed Town is an unmarked town in Bone County, San Andreas. The town is nearly abandoned, but it does have interactive resources. It has a strip club, trailer park, substation, Ammu-Nation and a Hotdog. Its population is estimated to be around 12 since the trailer park has about 6 trailers (if there are 2 in each).

Mission Appearances

The town does not appear in any missions.


  • Knife - beside a trailer in the trailer park.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Random vehicles - in front of the 2 businesses.
  • Hotdog - in the southern block.


  • The town has 3 blocks. If looked at to the north, the street grid looks like a pistol. This is a possible reference to the town's Ammu-Nation.
  • The latest version of San Andreas gives a name to the town (Smokey).

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