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Unused Gang 9
Members of the gang spawned into the game via cheats
Games: Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Locations: None
Leaders: None
Type: Unknown (GTA III)
Hispanic Street gang (San Andreas)
Enemies: All the other gangs in Liberty City and San Andreas
Vehicles: Sentinel
Weapons: Unarmed
Businesses: None

The Unused Gang 9 is, as the name implies, an unused gang appearing in the game's code in GTA III and GTA San Andreas. When spawned in GTA San Andreas, they appear as the Varrios Los Aztecas. They can't be spawned in GTA III.


The gang doesn't appear in the game outside of using cheats or mods. As noted above, the gang members of the Unused Gang use the same character models as the gang members from the Varrios Los Aztecas, with no changes in their external look. They behavior, however, is different - they won't attack Carl at first sight, nor will they confront him if he strays too far inside their gang area. Strangely, the only vehicles they can be seen driving are Sentinels.

Ways to spawn

The gang can be spawned in various ways:

1. Entering the cheat BIFBUZZ (PC). Now all gangs should appear on the streets, underneath Aztecas driving Sentinels. These are members of the Unused Gang 9.

2. Various save game editors can be used to add a territory for the gangs, and have them in a district.


It is unknown why this gang appears in the game's internal files, though it has been hypothesized that it was some sort of "test" gang for game developers to modify freely without affecting the other gangs. 


The gang can be customized, by changing their models to other ones and changing which cars they drive. A full tutorial about this can be seen here.


  • Though the Unused Gang 9 is the same as the Varrios Los Aztecas, if a standard VLA hits the unused one with the car, both will be armed with pistol and will start to shoot themselves.


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