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Up-n-Atom Burger
Upnatom white
Name: Up-n-Atom Burger
Type: Fast Food
Appearance(s): GTA V
Locations: TBA

Up-n-Atom Burger is a business featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Its logo and tagline "Once It Pings, Eat Like Kings" can be seen on the side of a truck driving through Los Santos in the GTA V preview trailer. It is unknown at this time if this restaurant replaces Burger Shot or if it is a competitor also located in Los Santos. Franklin can also be seen driving right by a Up-n-Atom Burger Restaurant at some point in the second trailer. In the scene with Trevor on a train, there is an old fashined Up-n-Atom restaurant in the background.


  • Up-n-Atom is likely based on the Western U.S. hamburger chain In-N-Out Burger, with the new name being a pun of the phrase "up and at 'em".
  • The atomic structure next to the tagline is in the shape of male genitalia, keeping with the tradition of Rockstar's sexual humor.
  • The tagline refers to Burger King, which is already parodied as Burger Shot. The yellow curve up over the Up n Atom name resembles that of McDonald's, suggesting this parodies McDonalds.



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GTAV Up-n-Atom-truck
Up-n-Atom Trailer
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Franklin passing by a Up-n-Atom Burger Restaurant
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