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Flag of the United States
Uptown Riders
Uptown Riders Logo
Uptown Riders Logo
Games: The Lost and Damned
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Liberty City
Leader: Unknown
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Enemies: Angels of Death MC
Affiliations: Elizabeta Torres
The Lost MC
Colors: Black, White, and Red
Vehicles: Double T
Double T Custom
Bati 800
Bati Custom
Hakuchou Custom
Weapons: 9mm
Pump Action Shotgun
Automatic 9mm
Businesses: Smuggling Weapons, Street Racing, Attacks on Individuals, Selling Merchandise, Drugs Trade
Fronts: The Uptown Riders Clubhouse
Members: Malc

The Uptown Riders are a gang featured in The Lost and Damned. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V.


The Uptown Riders are a motorcycle gang. Their members include Malc and DeSean and their headquarters are in Northwood, Liberty City. The club rides Japanese sport bikes and appear to be predominately African-American, much like the Ruff Ryders.

The Uptown Riders did not appear in GTA IV, but are present in The Lost and Damned. Even though Malc seems to be allied with The Lost Brotherhood, the Uptown Riders will still attack Johnny if he is armed. The Uptown Riders are a GTA IV replica of Ruff Ryders.

They too ride Japenese motorcycles through New York City (mainly Harlem) which in GTA they do it in Holland and Northwood of Liberty City.

They are also said to sell mercandise such as clothing, DVDs, books, and motorcycle equipment. You can hear this on the Beat 102.7 or see this on their website.

Their clubhouse is inaccessible, though you can arm wrestle with members of the Uptown Riders outside the clubhouse, but if you're armed or on a bike, they will attack you (same with the Angels of Death when arm wrestling). If you don't want to be attacked, park your bike somewhere away from their clubhouse.

They also appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, but with a more minor role.

Mission appearences


Members and associates

  • Malc - High ranking member of the Uptown Riders, possibly leader.
  • DeSean - High ranking member, possibly vice leader.






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