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Ursula lost on the side of the road.
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Ursula
Status: Player's Choice.
Gender: Female
Home: El Gordo Lighthouse, Blaine County
Family: Unnamed mother (deceased)
Main affiliation: Trevor Philips
Franklin Clinton
Voiced by: Unknown
"I can't right now, I have a little problem I have to bury..."
―Ursula over the phone.

Ursula is a hitchhiker that can be found by any character in north of the Alamo Sea.


Once the player has found her, she asks the player to take her back to her house, El Gordo Lighthouse. During the drive, it becomes quite apparent that Ursula is unstable and possibly mentally ill. If found as Trevor, the player can bring her to the Altruist Cult if it hasn't had four people yet, but if taken home, she gives the player a number and tells you to call her sometime. From that point, Ursula acts as a Booty Call to which ever character found her, and she can be called at anytime.


Ursula is a mentally unstable woman who may have had a unhappy childhood. She comments about her life during the drive to her house, she is also quick tempered, tends to repeat and reverse words. Ursula mentions on how the last person to pick her up choked to death on his own hand, implying that she killed the person.


Trevor's relationship with Ursula is surprisingly good. She acts the same as Trevor, and most likely is a cold-blooded killer as well, she mentions poisoning birds and a gardener who got ill and "fell" of the cliff near her home. Franklin's relationship with her isn't as good as Trevor's, Franklin acts mostly shocked from the events she tells him about her life and does his best to not try and offend.

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