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  • I live in Rio de Janeiro
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Male
"A day for the Hunter, a day for the Prey."
―My favorite quote.
André Luiz Agra
Run to the hills right now
Full name: André Luiz Agra
Also known as: Tiago Leifert
Status: Alive


Date of birth: 1995
Home: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality: Flag of Brazil 75% Brazilian
Flag of the United States 25% American
Family: Hildemar Jr. (father, deceased)
Hidemar Sr. (grandfather)
Luiza M. (grandmother)
Main affiliation: Loco Villanos (my crew)
Grove Street Families
The Lost MC
Trevor Phillips Enterprises
Lester Crest
Leone Family
Vercetti Gang
Vehicle(s): Blue Montana
White and blue Dominator
Customized Rat-Loader
Red Stinger GT
Red and Black Panto
Yellow and black Turismo R
The Liberator
Green Daemon
White and Blue Hakuchou
Space Docker
Yellow Merryweather Mesa
Red Tornado
White Hot Rod Blazer
Red and Black Bifta
Blue Elegy RH8
Blue and Red Rhapsody
Tri-Cycles Race Bike
Custom Slamvan
FlyUS 747
Purple Hotknife
Atomic Blimp
Businesses: Getaway Driver
Street Racer
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Hello, i'm AndreEagle17, i'm a huge fan of the GTA series since GTA2 and I know good things about the series, since I have played almost all the games, (except GTA LondonGrand Theft Auto Advance and Chinatown Wars) i'm not a patroller in this wiki, but I still want order here, I am 100% against vandalism, I always make trivial information and clear information about vehicles and weapons. I am a peacemaker and I can have a word with other users to calm them down and stop edit wars, if you have this kind of problem, you can talk to me.

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  • Smashbro8  - The best editor and Patroller in this wiki.
  • Leon Davis  - Another ally, excellent patroller.
  • WildBrick142 - Sometimes a rival, sometimes ally, very good editor.
  • RainingPain17 - #1 against edit wars, peaceful editor and now a patroller.
  • ShadowPolaris - A new user with a high knowledge about GTA.

About GTA Games


It was my first GTA game, nothing special to say, back in the day, it was awesome, violent, controversial, but nowadays it is pretty boring

Grand Theft Auto III

Nostalgic, at the time, GTA 3 was fantastic, in 2001 those graphics were realistic and the game was very fun and still is, nowadays i've learned how to fly a Dodo and now i can make an old dream from back in the day come true.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

One of my favorite GTA games, actually, my 3rd favorite GTA game, i know that in this game you can't swim and the city is small, but it's still a hell of a game, it's very fun and the city is by far the most beautiful city in the GTA series, it also has the best cars (more or less) and the best story, i wish the next GTA game takes place in Vice City again

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Until 2013 it was my favorite GTA game, why? Because the graphics are superior to many other games of its age (and even modern games has inferior graphics), it had MANY kinds of vehicles (i miss them,Kart,Vortex,Hydra,Sea Sparrow,Hunter and Hotring Racer), it had a very good story and it's so much fun, there's nothing to complain about this game

Grand Theft Auto IV

Very good game, realistic physics, excellent graphics, probably the best story, the best driving physics and crashing physics, but the game leaves too much to be desired, like the missing feature of piloting planes, deplyoing a parachute (which was later brought back in TBoGT), use of Bicycles and the novelty vehicles like BF-Injection.

Grand Theft Auto V

My favorite GTA game, with good physics, the return of the planes, a good but short story, a fun Online mode and a larger variety of vehicles such as a Blimp and a Submersible and many fun things to do, yet, there's still things to complain about, like the Driving physics which sucks compared to GTA IV, the crashing physics are too unrealistic, the cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopters sounds like toy vehicles, the story is too short and the pedestrians are too weak, they die with a punch, unlike in GTA IV, where they fight and even kill you and last but definitely not the least, THE COPS ARE TOO ANNOYING!

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