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Angus Martin
Angus seated in a back room of the Golden Seal
Full name: Angus Martin
Also known as: Mr Martin
Gussie Boy
Status: Alive


Date of birth: 1976 (currently 37)
Place of birth: Acter, Alderney
Home: Waylon, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Devils Chosen MC
Vehicle(s): Dark blue Nightblade
Businesses: Fitzgerald Motorcycles
Angus "Sledge" Martin is a central character in the original fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn"  by Enigma24. He is the President of the Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club and has earned a reputation as an extremely capable leader with a keen intelligence albeit an intelligence with a strong criminal bent. He has also become a far darker person that he was during his time in Acter with a willingness to resort to violence to solve his problems and a deep seated hatred of traitors of any kind.



Angus Martin was born in 1976 in ActerAlderney to blue collar worker parents. His father worked as a mechanic at the Axel's Pay 'N' Spray in Port Tudor and his mother worked frequently long hours as a waitress the Skyway Diner. He became good friends with Johnny Klebitz and Billy Grey despite their being two years older than him and subsequently followed them into a life of crime.

Adult Life

According to Angus it was Johnny who introduced him to The Lost MC as a young man and he quickly took to the outlaw motorcycle club lifestyle. As his childhood friend began committing crimes Angus again followed his lead and began a criminal career of his own. He was seventeen when he was first arrested and between the years of 1993 and 1997 he was arrested several more times and spent a total of five and a half years in prison.

Angus' life took a dramatic turn for the worst in 2003 when he was invovled in an accident caused by then The Lost MC President Billy Grey. They were out riding together and Billy didn't see an ongoing truck which slammed into the pair of them. They both survived both Angus lost the use of his legs and was confined to a wheelchair  which gave him a sullen outlook on life. No longer able to ride his motorcycle Angus was forced to take a back seat in the club and developed a deep hatred of Billy Grey. He maintained a strong frienship with Johnny and became a partner with Jim Fitzgerald in his motorcycle theft racket.

Post-The Lost and Damned

Due to being in a wheelchair and thus unable to provide any support other than being a voice of reason to increasingly unreasonable and traitorous club members Angus was forced to watch his club fall apart at the seams. When Billy Grey was arrested, during which he aggressively accused Johnny of betraying of him, Angus remained loyal to Johnny and supported his move to replace Billy as club President. He remained loyal to his friend when Brian, wholeheartedly believing Billy's lies, lead a civil war against Johnny's leadership forming a splinter club backed by a large number of club members.

Angus expressed his immense contempt for Brian and Billy blaming them for tearing the club apart. Unable to intevene or offer Johnny any real support Angus was forced to watch his beloved club descend into a bloody civil war which ultimately destroyed the Acter sub-chapter. He was greatly satisfied when Johnny killed first Brian and then Billy regarding their violent ends as exactly what they deserved. With deep sadness Angus watched Johnny, Terry and Clay burn down the Acter Club House to "put it out of its misery".

In February 2009 Angus underwent extreme surgery, paid for by Thomas Stubbs III as a "gesture of goodwill", and regained his ability to walk. After months of rigiourous physical therapy he could walk as well as he had before his accident and was now able to get back on his bike for the first time in years. Disillusioned and saddened by what had happened to his sub-chapter, a once close knit brotherhood, Angus became a member of The Lost MC's Nomad chapter.

He then followed the remnants of the Liberty chapter across the country to Sandy ShoresSan Andreas arriving in early 2010. He did not join Johnny's Los Santos chapter fearing that it would only meet the same fate as their former chapter due to widespread drug abuse by Johnny and other members. Instead Angus remained a Nomad travelling across the state on "club business" and personal errands for both himself and his friends. He begun spending time at Hookies and visiting Paleto Bay.

In mid-2010 Angus was arrested by a Los Santos County Sheriff after his victim, someone he had violently and brutally beaten to retrieve money owed to the club, went to the authorities. He was found guilty and incarcerated in Colinas Valley State Prison for the entirety of his two year sentence. After his release in late-2012 he then returned to a life of crime and, believing Johnny's chapter was inevitably doomed to fall prey to the same fate as the Liberty chapter, began gathering disillusioned and marginilized members of the Los Santos chapter to his home in Waylon.

Just as Angus predicted the "curse of the Liberty chapter" reared its ugly head once again resulting in Johnny's murder at the hands of a mentally unstable Sandy Shores based drug kingpin and the destruction of the Los Santos chapter in a bloody gang war. Having gathered together a motley group of former members of his old club and friends he had made in prison Angus formed his own club the Devils Chosen MC and put on a new patch.

Criminal Record

Surname: Martin

First Name: Angus

Age: 37

Place of Birth: Acter, Alderney


  •  Former member of The Lost outlaw motorcycle club. Believed to have become a club "Nomad" after the collapse of his club's Liberty City chapter.


  • 1993 - Assault
  • 1995 - Parole Violation
  • 1997 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2010 - Aggravated Assault


  • The identity of the benefactor who paid for the expensive radical surgery to restore his ability to walk is unknown. Attempts to discover the identity of the mystery donor were met with a staunch refusal to talk.
  • Believed to have had a 'falling out' with other members of his former motorcycle club prior to his arrest in 2010 and is known to have become a club 'Nomad' at that point..

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