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The Fallen Ones Memorial Run is a club event sanctioned by The Lost MC President Angus Martin in 2013. As the name implies it is a memorial ride to honour the memories of members who have died in the name of the club. Organized by The Lost MC it is open to the public and unaffiliated bikers but club members hold a private function during the run to pay their respects to their fallen brothers.


To be eligible to take part participiants must ride 'chopper' style motorcycles. The Lost reserves the right to turn away sports bike riders. The run begins with a barbarque at the Club House in Waylon allowing participants to gather and meet members of the club. From there the group rides to a roadhouse in Baxter where a round of drinks is shared before continuing on to Cape Catfish. After another round of drinks and a potluck meal the run continues on to Hamlin for a brief stop and then heads back towards Waylon before forking off to head down the Waylon Peninsula for the final stop on the run. It is at the camp ground at the very end of the Waylon Peninsula where the real party takes place. Club members and guests take part in a two day party of loud music and drinking before heading back to Waylon.

A joint task force of the Waylon County Sheriff's Department and the Waylon Peninsula Reserve Rangers provide security for the run - mostly to keep an eye on the attendees to ensure that no one is harmed and that no laws are broken.  

The Men of Honour

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