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Fitzgerald Motorcycles is a small motorcycle repair and sales business owned by The Lost MC President Angus Martin. Established in 2013 in WaylonSan Andreas it is named in honour of fallen club member Jim Fitzgerald and specializes in the maintainance of chopper-style motorcycles. It is a very small-time business operating out of a combined work shop/sales room on a back street in one of Waylon's less popular areas.


To avoid being flagged as a 'gang associated business', which would hurt profits, Fitzgerald Motorcycles is staffed by non-member associates of The Lost MC. Patched members are careful to preserve this illusion by removing their patches when it becomes necessary to be on the shop floor. Fitzgerald Motorcycles employs fully licensed mechanics, several of whom have no ties to the club, and holds a license to sell and repair two dominant motorcycle brands;


  • Fitzgerald Motorcycles is a user created business set to appear in the orginial fan-fiction "Chronicles of The Lost: New Beginnings" by Enigma24. It is entirely non-canon and in no way constitutes in-game content.
  • The Waylon Police Department believe the business to be a front for an organized criminal group and raided the premise several times in failed attempts to prove their case. 

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