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This is a list of localities, towns and cities set to appear in an original piece of fan-fiction by Enigma24. Some existing towns or locations already appearing in GTA San Andreas and GTA V will be listed, these locations will be reworked and altered for the purpose of the fan-fiction - these locations remain the sole property of Rockstar Games. Some towns and locations were made up by myself and exist solely for the purpose of the fan-fiction.



Baxter is a tiny unincorporated community located thirty five miles south of Waylon. Route 65 passes through the tiny settlement making it a rest stop for both north and south bound travellers. With the much larger Waylon nearby exerting a greater population pull Baxter remains largely underdeveloped with only the basic amenities to cater to the needs of motorists on the highway. Other than a few houses Baxter is home to a RON filling station, a somewhat rustic roadhouse and a small Checkout! convenience store. It is policed by the Waylon County Sheriff's Department who maintain a small station in the community.

Cape Catfish

One of western San Andreas' bragging points. Located on the coast with spectacular views of the north Pacific Ocean. Cape Catfish is a small unincorporated community located two hundred and forty three miles from Los Santos as well as San Fierro making it the midway point between the two cities. It is located in Waylon County and is policed by the Waylon County Sheriff's Department who operate a station in the community. Prominent landmarks in Cape Catfish include the Cape Catfish Lighthouse and an ancient Native American religious site. It has gained a reputation as a leisure and retirement community with a marina and a local campground. Businesses in Cape Catfish include a RON filling station, a Checkout! supermarket, a Bean Machine coffeehouse and the Cape Motel.

Procopio Beach

Procopio Beach is a tiny beach community situated south of Paleto Bay on the state's west coast (which is also the state's only coast). Although it is patrolled by the Blaine County Sherrif's Department it is generally regarded as an unimportant backwater. The only areas of note in the community are the Procopio Truck Stop and the incorporated Procopio Promenade. Procopio Beach isn't even considered a town instead being demoted to a locality and minor coastal/rural community. 

Waylon Peninsula

The Waylon Peninsula is currently listed as a State Park and Protected Wilderness Area. The Peninsula is almost entirely undeveloped except for a State Campground at the far end of the peninsula and exists in an almost completely wild state. The area is home to a wide variety of wildlife including Brown Bears who some residents of the area blame for the disappearance of two hikers in the past year. The peninsula's greatest bragging point is being the only place in San Andreas where wolves can be found, the area was the site where a pack was reintroduced into the wild. 

Encompassed in a State Park known officially as the 'Waylon Peninsula Reserve', though refered to in shortened form by the locals, the Waylon Peninsula is overseen and protected by the Waylon Peninsula Rangers who employ the Declasse Park Ranger as their service vehicle. 



Hampton is a small rural town located in Red County with a population of just over a thousand. The town began as little more than a highway pit stop and roadside produce market known as Hampton Barns. At one time the only homes in the area were a small collection of shacks on one side of the highway and a trailer park on the other. After several years the locals realized they could take advantage of the passing traffic and a roadside diner and convience store sprang up. Passing travellers began stopping more frequently and a local man soon opened a gas station to service the vehicles passing through the community. Over the years a small town grew up around these very first amenities and the population grew to its current level. Hampton continues to exist as a rural community with the only non-local business being a small GoPostal depot. The town is policed by the Red County Sheriff's Department and is served by a small volunteer fire department and a medical clinic. 


Hamlin is a small town in Waylon County with a population of approximately five and a half thousand. It is policed by the Waylon County Sheriff's Department who operate a central station in the town. It is one hundred and three miles south of Waylon and two hundred and thirty six miles north of Los Santos. Hamlin is the starting point of Route 47 which joins Route 65 as it heads south towards Los Santos. The town boasts an absence of gang crime or serious crime making it one of the safest places to live in the state. The town is home to a wide variety of small local businesses including; Pizza Palace, Bargain Mart, Burnscott Propane, Johnson Autos, Chicken Crispies (a fast food restuarant specializing in fried chicken) and the Grande (cinema). National chains operating in the city include; Globe OilCheckout!Binco and Burger Shot. Hamlin is serviced by the Hamlin Tribune, a small-time local newspaper which is a matter of great pride for the townsfolk.


Montgomery is a town in Red County with a population of just over twenty two thousand. It is located on the county's northern border with the much larger Los Santos County. The town is policed by the small Montgomery Police Department, an independent police force that has resisted take-over attempts by the Red County Sheriff's Department. It is served by the Montgomery Herald, a former subsidiary of the Daily Globe newspaper. Despite its largely law abiding population Montgomery has not escaped gang violence inspired by nearby Los Santos. A police report lists the town's native gangs as; the Varrios Bravos (Mexican street gang), White Knights (white supremacist street gang) and the Warlords MC (outlaw motorcycle club). Montgomery Police believe that the White Knights are affiliated with the Aryan Sons, a dangerous white supremacist gang operating in parts of Los Santos County. Montgomery has petitioned the state government several times to be reclassified as a city but has so far been denied. Prominent businesses in the town include; a Canyon Cineplex, a Vapid dealership, a 24/7 supermarket and the Montgomery Mall. Points of interest in Montgomery include the Crippen Memorial Hospital, a local hospital with a small but dedicated and highly professional staff, and a Sprunk packaging plant.

Palomino Creek

Palomino Creek is a town in Los Santos County located one hundred and eighty seven miles east of Los Santos in the Palomino Highlands. With a population of a little over twenty six thousand the townsfolk are fiercely proud of their independence from the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. The town is policed by the independent Palomino Creek Police Department, which like many other local police departments, is modelled after the Los Santos Police Department and shares the black and white livery predominately employed by police forces across the state. Palomino Creek has experienced the influence of Los Santos's gang crime with local police listing two gangs operating in the town - the 22nd Avenue Vatos (Mexican street gang) and the Black Kings (African-American street gang). Overall violent crime remains low and Palomino Creek's population is growing steadily thanks to the vigilance of the small police force. Prominent businesses in Palomino Creek include; 24/7 and Checkout! supermarkets, a Canyon Cineplex, a Declasse dealership and Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell restaurants. Most recently the Spender's department store chain opened a store in Palomino Creek which caused a good deal of excitement for the townsfolk.


Carcer City (mentioned only)

Carcer City, or Carcer as it is more commonly known, is a major city in the state of Liberty three hundred and seventy miles west of Liberty City. Despite large scale urban restoration and a multi-million dollar redevelopment project aimed at reinventing the city it has retained its reputation as one of the most crime filled cities in the country. Although crime continues to be a major problem in the city Carcer has recovered from its troubled past as an almost lawless urban center. Policed by a restructured Carcer City Police Department, which currently shares the blue and white livery of the Liberty City Police Department, the city has become a proud sporting city. It is the home of the Carcer City Stallions football team based at Lincoln Stadium who have become major rivals of the Liberty City Wrath.

Major gangs residing in Carcer City include the The Lost MC, Spanish Lords and the Aryan Sons. The city also plays home to a Gambetti Family crew, the Ballas, the Jefferson Families and a large number of other smaller gangs.


Dillimore is a small city in Los Santos County twenty three miles northeast of Los Santos. It has a population of just over one hundred and twenty three thousand and is policed by the Dillimore Police Department which is modeled after the Los Santos Police Department. Dillimore is ranked as one of San Andreas' fastest growing urban areas rising dramatically over several decades from a small town to a small city. It has a slightly lower level of overall crime but has a well established criminal underworld. Dillimore's gang crime is, surprisingly, unrelated to that of Los Santos with Dillimore having its own smaller gangs. A police report lists the city's native gangs as; the 83rd Street Rifa (Mexican street gang), the Blake Avenue Rollers (African-American street gang), the Xian Family (Chinese criminal organization) and the Los Guerreros (Mexican street gang). The city is also home to the Rogue Riders MC  who are believed to be a support club of the Devils Chosen MC.

San Dañel

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Route 47

Route 47 is a minor Numbered Highway which starts as Lincoln Boulevard before becoming Route 47 as it leaves the small suburban town of Hamlin. It merges with Route 65 as it travels south towards Los Santos before joining with Route 1 which in turn connects with Interstate 2 (Del Perro Freeway) connecting Hamlin with the San Andreas Highway network. Route 47 is famous for its secluded rest stops as it passes through the rural and forested areas that make Waylon County a hot spot for outdoorsmen and hunters. The Waylon County Sheriff's Department operates several concealed speed traps on the road side in an effort to catch the speedy drivers who frequent the road. Route 47 also passes through several densely forested areas and in recent years it has become a hot spot for Bigfoot believers. Several of the area's more 'rural' inhabitants have reported sightings of the mysterious hominid. 

Route 65

Route 65 is a major Numbered Highway which starts at Union Boulevard in Waylon. It is a large freeway connecting the city with Los Santos to the south as well as many other localities and is heavily travelled. It is patrolled by the San Andreas Highway Patrol who operate several speed traps along the roadside as well as general patrol duties. Livery bearing Highway Patrol Buffalo are a frequent sight on the roadside as the officers keep a watchful eye out for any vehicular michief. There are several scattered rest stops and a few gas stations along the edge of the freeway with the most significant being the tiny locality of Baxter. 


State of Carson

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State of Stanford

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