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Flag of the United States
Rogue Riders MC
Locations: Dillimore, San Andreas
Leader: Joseph 'Big Joe' Blake
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Affiliations: Devils Chosen MC
Colors: Gold writing on a black background
Vehicles: Zombie
Weapons: Pistol
Baseball Bat
Micro Uzi
Pump Shotgun
Businesses: Narcotics Distribution


Fronts: Rogue Riders MC Club House
The Rogue Riders MC is an outlaw motorcycle club operating in DillimoreSan Andreas in 2013. With only eight members the club is a small-time affair with a very small presence in the criminal underworld. Despite their small size the Rogue Riders wear a three piece patch, claiming Dillimore. The club patch consists of a black top rocker with a gold trim carrying the club name in gold lettering, a centre patch depicting a grinning hooded skull, and a bottom rocker designed in the same fashion as the first reading 'Dillimore'.


The club is highly active in Dillimore where it operates small-time extortion, prostitution and narcotics distribution rackets in order to funnel money into the club coffer. Members of the Rogue Riders have been accused of, but have routinely evaded conviction of, violent crimes including aggravated assault and armed robbery. Operating out of a Club House on Dillimore's eastside the club is highly territorial and has responded aggressively to independent crime on what they regard as their turf. 

Following the example of the Devils Chosen MC the Rogue Riders have a strict policy of secrecy and a complete refusal to talk to law enforcement. This attitude has helped them avoid overt attention from the local police and allowed them to further their rackets without attracting too much attention. Formed in 2012 the Rogue Riders has begun an aggressive recruitment campaign in an attempt to attract more members as well as taking jobs from other criminal organisations such as acting as hired muscle for the Devils Chosen MC. 


  • The Rogue Riders MC is a user created gang set to appear in the original fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn"' by Enigma24. It is entirely fictional and does not constitute in-game content, it exists solely for the purpose of the fan-fiction.
  • The Rogue Riders MC is known to be on friendly terms with the Devils Chosen MC and members of the two clubs have been seen meeting. 

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