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San Dañel
Mayor: Unknown
Population: 2,456,231
Established: March 15th, 1770
Country: United States
State: San Andreas
Motto: "The gateway to Mexico"

City Information

San Dañel is a major city in the state of San Andreas located approximately one hundred and twenty five miles south of Los Santos. It is known for a pleasant year-round climate, white sand beaches, a natural deep-water port and a long historical affiliation with the US Navy. With direct access to the Pacific Ocean the city's port district, Port Lincoln, serves as a major domestic and international shipping hub. Port Lincoln is one of the busiest and largest commercial ports in the country with shipping and recreational boating being central aspects of life in the city.

Due to its very close proximity to the US - Mexican Border the city has a thriving Mexican community with a large number of Hispanic individuals living in the city's southern neighbourhoods. The city is the seat of San Dañel County and serves as the economic centre for most of southern San Andreas. It is also the second largest city in the state with a commercial and political influence to rival Los Santos. 


San Dañel has a thriving and highly active criminal underworld heavily influenced by the drug cartels of neighbouring Mexico. The Madrazo Cartel is a dominant player in the local underworld with established ties to local sets of the Marabunta Grande and Varrios Los Aztecas street gangs. The Angels of Death MC is also highly active in the city with a local chapter believed to be involved in drug trafficking across the border. The Spanish LordsBallasFamilies , Armenian Mafia and Khangpae are also known to be active in the city.

With some of the worst gang crime in the country San Dañel is also home to a large number of smaller gangs including the Fallen Saints MC, Grinning Reapers MC, Greene Street Killaz (African-American), Black Dragons (Chinese), East Avenue Rollerz (African-American), San Dañel Rifa (HIspanic) and the Aryan Soldiers (white supremacist).  Dumong Pinoy Samhang Dumong Pinoy



  • This is a user created city set to appear in the original piece of fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn" by Enigma24. It is entirely fictional and non-canon, it in no way constitutes in-game content and exists solely  for the purpose of the fan-fiction.
  • It is based on the city of San Diego, California.

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