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SwiftEx logo

Logo circa 2013

SwiftEx is a small shipping/postal company servicing the city of WaylonSan Andreas in 2013. It's name is a syllabic abbreviation of the company's originial name 'Swift Express'. SwiftEx is based on and inspired by FedEx.

Despite its small size and coverage area SwiftEx is listed as stable and established. It currently operates two locations in Waylon; a warehouse in the Waylon Industrial Estate and a depot in the central city. The company operates a small fleet of delivery vehicles; using Yankee for heavy frieght and Speedo for light to moderate frieght. SwiftEx remains the only company of its kind operating in Waylon leading some to believe the company has been employing underhanded tactics to keep its competitors out of town.


  • SwiftEx is a user created business set to appear in the original fan-fiction "Chronicles of The Lost: New Beginnings" by Enigma24. It is purely fictional and in no way constitutes in-game content, it exists for the purposes of the fan-fiction. 

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