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Mayor: Richard Alders
Population: 62,483
Established: 1925 (as Brundley)

1927 (as Waylon)

Country: United States
State: San Andreas
Motto: "Community spirit at it's finest"

Waylon is a coastal city located three hundred and twenty five miles north of Los Santos. It is the seat of Waylon County and is the starting point of Route 65 which runs south and joins Route 1. It stands at roughly eight metres above  sea level and has a land area of approximately sixteen and a half square miles.

Waylon boasts several historical firsts including being the first city in the state to have a public library, newspaper and publicly funded school. It is the birthplace of several celebrated painters and writers, some of whom still call the city home. Modern attractions include the Waylon Aquarium and the Waterfront District, both proud bragging points for the city's residents.

Geography and Climate

Waylon is located on San Andreas' only coast, the west coast, with direct access to the Pacific Ocean via the regionally famous Waylon Bay. Located several miles outside the city is the Waylon Peninsula State Park protected as a pristine wilderness area. To the east the Colinas River runs through the Colinas Valley which is well known for its agricultural produce and farming.

The city is roughly eight meters above sea level and has a total land area of just over eight and a half thousand square miles. Waylon's close proximity to the Pacific Ocean gives it a cool-summer almost Mediterranean climate making it a very popular tourist spot.


The City of Waylon prides itself on providing its citizens with the means to pursue quality education. To achieve this aim the city houses several publicly funded educational instutions including;

  • Waylon Elementary
  • Waylon Middle School
  • Waylon High School
  • University of San Andreas - Waylon Campus
  • Waylon Community College
  • Waylon Naval Academy
  • IAA Advanced Linguistics Institute (educational and research facility)


Despite its smaller size Waylon has a thriving business community. Prominent businesses operating in the city include; Paper Clips,You Tool24/7Checkout!Canyon EntertainmentPonsonbysAlpha SecurityLombankAnimal Ark and FLEECA. The city is also home to large national chains like Burger ShotCluckin' BellBean MachineRON and Globe Oil. The city's bustling business community and high profit margins have made it a location of prime interest for businesses across the country.

Waylon has also recently become a desirable location for corporate headquarters. Businesses known to be headquartered in the city include You ToolAlpha Security and SwiftEx. This increasing level of corporate interest in the city has brought increased investment to Waylon resulting in the small city being remarkably well off for its size.

Law Enforcement

Waylon is policed by the Waylon Police Department, an independent law enforcement agency modeled on the Los Santos Police Department. It also cooperates with the Waylon County Sheriff's Department who police the county as a whole and often carry out join operations with Waylon's municipal police force. The Waylon Police Department also uses a black and white livery bearing the department's seal. Lead a Chief of Department the Waylon Police Department is staffed by 105 sworn officers and a number of non-sworn support personnel and volunteers.

The Waylon Police Department currently uses the following vehicles;


Waylon has been spared the rampant gang crime that plagues Los Santos to the south. But despite a vigilant police force the city does have a lower level of crime consisting mostly of  self-made criminals and a small narcotics underground. Currently the Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club is the only organized criminal organization active in the city.

The Devils Chosen MC, a small outlaw motorcycle club, has come into conflict with the loosely affiliated groups of aspiring gang members and self-made criminals that call Waylon home. The Waylon Police Department lists prostitution, narcotics manufacturing and narcotics distribution as criminal enterprises active in the city.


  • Waylon is a user created city set to appear in the original fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn" by Enigma24. It is entirely fictional and non-canon, it in no way constitutes in-game content and exists solely  for the purpose of the fan-fiction.
  • Waylon is loosely based on the real-life city of Monterey.
  • A small lobbyist group has petitioned to have the city's name changed to Montebello to "create an identity of distinction and style" but this motion has been repeatedly rejected by both the city council and most city residents.

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