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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on November 21
  • I am Male

Hey I'm GTAddict! Welcome to my page, feel free to leave a comment etc.

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Appearance(s): GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City Stories
GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto:V
Full name: GTAddict1
Status: Alive
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Los Santos
Home: Penthouse in The Triangle
Mansion in Richman/Vinewood and Beachgate
Abandoned Airfield in the desert
Family: Unnamed family
Main affiliation: Unseen family
Russian Mafia
Grove Street Families
Carl Johnson
Victor Vance
Niko Bellic
Luis Fernando Lopez
Michael De Santa
Trevor Phillips
Franklin Clinton
Vehicle(s): Grey Adder
Cuban 800
Burgundy Voltic
Sand Khamelion
Titan (stolen)
Blue Carbonizzare
Matte Vacca
Black BeeJay X
JB 700
Pearl Baller (Version II)
Grey Stanier
Red Bodhi
Blue/White Velum
Atomic Blimp
500 other vehicles.
Businesses: Hangar, Weaponry, Vehicles


  • Favourite Vehicles:

(1) Mesa
(2) Tropic
(3) Windsor
(4) Nevada
(5) Rustler
(6) Atomic Blimp (7) BeeJay XL (8) Cuban 800 (9) Baller (Version II) (10) Adder (12) Titan (13) XF

  • Favourite Weapons:

(1) AK47 (2) Micro Uzi (3) Desert Eagle (4) Glock (5) Minigun (6) Tazer

  • Favourite Clothing Stores:

(1) Ponsonbys (2) Perseus (3) Didier Sachs (4) Modo (5) Victim

  • Favourite Radio Stations:

(1) Vladivostok FM (2) Bounce FM (3) Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 (4) K-DST (5) The Vibe 98.8 (6) Fusion FM (7) Radio Broker (8) Flash FM (9) Vice City For Lovers (10) Vice City FM (11) Electro-Choc (12) Radio X (13) Master Sounds 98.3 (14) Radio Los Santos (15) San Fierro Underground Radio

  • Favourite GTA games:

(1) GTA San Andreas (2) GTA V (3) GTA IV (4) GTA Vice City Stories (5) GTA The Lost and Damned (6) GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Favourite Gangs:

(1) Russian Mafia(HD Universe) (2) Grove Street Families (3) San Fierro Triads (4) Mafia (5) Varrios Los Aztecas

About Me

I was born in Australia. I have been playing games almost all of my life. My first console was a Nintendo 64 then a PlayStation 1. I played both of those before eventually selling them. I have a few other consoles and electronics. These include: An iPad, a PS2, an iPod Touch, an iPod (formerly), a Wii, two Nintendo DSi's, two laptops and a lot more. My favourite games are the Grand Theft Auto series games, which I own all of the PS2 games and PS3 GTA's. They are no doubt one of the best video game series in existence. Other games I have played are Mario, SMB on the NES and SNES, Gran Turismo series, Call of Duty series and again a lot more. I am a major tech-head with an extensive knowledge of vehicles (motor/electric etc), aircraft and water vessels.


Rating: 3/10

GTA Vice City
Nowhere near finished
Rating: 4/10

GTA San Andreas
Completed: Once
Rating: 9/10

GTA Liberty City Stories
Almost finished
Rating: 9/10

GTA Vice City Stories
Completed: 3 times
Rating: 8/10

GTA IV + GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City
GTA IV= Completed: 3 times
Ballad of Gay Tony= Completed: 2 times
Lost and Damned= Completed: 2 times.
Rating for all Episodes + IV: 10/10

Almost finished
Rating: 10/10

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