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"Jerry" redirects here. For other characters of the same name, see Jerry (GTA III) or Jerry Kapowitz.
Jerry Martinez
Jerry Martinez
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Full name: Jerry Martinez
Also known as: Sergeant
Sergeant Martinez
Sgt. Martinez
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of death: 1984
Home: Vice City
Nationality: Mexican-American
Main affiliation: The U.S. army (?-1984)
Mendez Cartel (Associate)
Vehicle(s): Green Streetfighter
Black-White Maverick
Businesses: Military
Drug dealing
Voiced by: Felix Solis

Sergeant Jerry Martinez is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a central character and the primary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Jerry Martinez is a corrupt soldier who deals with drugs. He first acts as a superior to the main protagonist of Vice City Stories, Victor "Vic" Vance, but later betrays him to save himself. Following his betrayal, Martinez acts as Victor's nemesis, often targeting himor being targeted by Vic himself.

Jerry Martinez was voiced by Felix Solis.


Victor: "Why did you join up?"
Jerry: "To get rich!"
―Martinez, on his reason to join the army.

Little to no is known about the life of Jerry Martinez prior to the events of GTA Vice City Stories. Born somewhere in Florida to a Mexican family, Martinez joined the US Army before the early 1980s. By 1984, Jerry has became a Sergeant, and was given his own office at the Fort Baxter Air Base in Vice City.

Jerry also began to deal with a few criminals in Vice City, such as arms dealer Phil Cassidy, and, much later, the strongest drug barons in the city, Diego and Armando Mendez.

Events of GTA Vice City Stories

Superior of Victor Vance

Martinez: "Relax, relax. Are you well?"
Vic: "Yes. Thank you, Sergeant."
Martinez: "Good. In here, you can call me Jerry."
—Jerry meeting Vic.

Sgt. Martinez meets his new subordinate, Cpl. Victor Vance.

In 1984, Jerry is assigned as a superior to another soldier, Corporal Victor Vance. When Vic first enters Jerry's office, the Sergeant teases his new subordinate for his seriousness, telling him to relax. Jerry then asks Vic's reasons for joining the military; when he is asked by Vic why he joined the army, Jerry tells he joined in order to get rich. Understanding that Vic needs money, Jerry decides to use him for his own schemes; Jerry offers Vic a job in which he has to pick up a package containing drugs from Martinez' associate - which Vic uncertainty accepts. Before Vic leaves for the job, Jerry handles Vic a Pager.

Taking Martinez' bike, Vic meets up with the man possessing the package, a dealer who owns the yacht. On the yacht, the dealer gives the package to Vic, however, a group of hitmen attack the yacht, destroying it and killing the drug dealer. Vic survives and escapes back to the base, hiding the package under his bed after receiveing a Pager message from Martinez.

After hiding the package under his bed, a nervous Vic enters Jerry's office with concerns about the drugs. Using Vic's sick brother as an excuse, Jerry sends Vic to another job: to collect from Phil Cassidy. Unfortunely, Phil's money was taken by the Mexican Cholos gang. Vic kills the Cholos and reclaim the money for Martinez.

Vic's discharge


The stolen shipment

Turning states

Targeting Louise


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GTA Vice City Stories

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