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  • I live in San Diego
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is US military (future)
  • I am Male
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==Unfinished games==
==Unfinished games==
* [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]
* [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] (December 24, 2012?—''ongoing'')
* [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]
* [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] (got Xbox 360 on December 14, 2012; stopped playing San Andreas for PS2)

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Victor Cutter
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Mafia Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Mafia Stories 2
Full name: Victor Cutter
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 16, 1998
Place of birth: Chicane, Illinoying
Nationality: American-born Canadian
Main affiliation: Liberty City Mafia
Vehicle(s): Infernus
Voiced by: Jerry Cupat

Finished games

Unfinished games

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