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GTA Online

Appearance(s): GTA Online
Full name: ???
Also known as: Various
Status: Alive
Place of birth: Puerto Rico (now in Los Santos)
Home: Various, due to having two characters, totaling up to four homes
Nationality: Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rican
Main affiliation: Various
Vehicle(s): 20-40 different vehicles currently in possession

Nothing else to say... for now. You can read the description of the vehicles I currently use for GTA Online.

GTA Online Vehicles

Vehicles (1st character slot)

3 Alta St, Apt 10
Del Perro Hts, 4

GTA Online Galleries

  • The very first vehicle I have owned and raced (and won many times with upgrades) since 2013.
  • It may not look like it, but it surely comes close to the A-Team van.
  • VIP-styled Schafter.
  • Originally, I had the Dubsta. Sold it and got this Dubsta 6x6 as a spiritual successor. Hopefully it'll be useful for heists since I had Bulletproof Tires.
  • Even for a normal car transformed into a near-unstoppable racing machine, its still quite road-legal.
  • Not for drag racing purposes. Ever.
  • Not as competitive as it looks, but it can sure well hold its own.
  • For the Adders and Zentornos out there, this baby can easily outrun you (turbo not included).
  • Classy, but fast. Simple.
  • More on-road than off-road, especially in the darkness.
  • Be ready for a Massacro.
  • 5T34LTHY.
  • Can navigate through a maze, and still make it out.
  • It may look small, but it can outrun a bike.
  • Adder's worst nightmare. (Ironically, I do own a Zentorno, even though I frequently use the Cheetah.)

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