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GTA Online

Jonnathan D. Alvarado
Please (Don't) Stop Me
Appearance(s): GTA Online
Full name: Jonnathan D. Alvarado
Also known as: Various
Status: Alive
Date of birth: February 4, 1991 (age 24)
Place of birth: Puerto Rico (now in Los Santos)
Home: Various, due to having two characters, totaling up to five homes
Nationality: Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rican
Main affiliation: Various
Vehicle(s): 20-45 different vehicles currently in possession

Nothing else to say... for now. You can read the description of the vehicles I currently use for GTA Online.

GTA Online Vehicles

Vehicles (1st character slot)

3 Alta St, Apt 10
Del Perro Hts, 4
Exceptionalists Way

GTA Online Galleries

Likes and Dislikes


  • Cars - As a car fan, I grew up with Gran Turismo, so they are a big interest in me, though these favorite of mine are not listed, except for the cars I currently own in GTA Online.
  • Survival - With $30k, and a wide array of firepower, it'll make those gangs a run for their money.
  • Talk shows - Especially K-Chat, VCPR and WCTR. Much humorous than listening to the songs. I like songs, but those talk shows I listen to has lots of humor that keeps me entertained.
  • Deathmatches - To a lesser extent, as I'm more focused purely on racing.
  • Driving physics (GTA V) - Handles like a charm and not all slide-y at medium speeds.


  • Hackers/Modders in GTA V - Just how poor and desperate are they anyway?
  • Driving physics (GTA IV) - Rockstar Games must've gotten the idea from Saudi drifting, which I find it iffy.
  • Non-Stop FM - I cannot stand that one song that's infecting my mind.
  • No custom soundtracks- Does Rockstar Games expect me to get a PC of my own when GTA IV and GTA V has no custom soundtracks added? Come on, you should know better than that. Adding custom soundtracks to next-gen consoles is not difficult.
  • "Car Meets" - In a nutshell, there's absolutely no point to it. Drifting is more of a power-slide than an actual drift. Drag racing is for 5-year olds with no actual racing skills. Meetings are just, simply put, boring. I fail to see how people find Car Meets interesting in GTA V, when its not.
  • On Call - Leaves me unprepared. Furthermore, it takes much longer than joining up right away, so its basically a useless feature.
  • GTA V not meeting minimum requirements for my desktop - No, Rockstar, you don't up the ante so that my desktop can run poorly for the PC version of GTA V. Get it right for once.

GTA Online and Updates Reviews

Beach Bum Update

Rating: 9/10 (pre-High Life Update); 1/10 (post-High Life Update)

My only gripes are the SNS Pistol, which has nothing to show for, and the Kalahari, which is an undesirable vehicle for races, even with upgrades, and it loses speed when going off-road due to its skinny tires. With free vehicles and weapons, though, it was quite good (Paradise is more of a show than go), its a good update. But after the High Life Update, it went from free to pricey. A bad move from Rockstar, so its a fail.

Holiday Gifts

Rating: 1/10

The Holiday Gifts gets a 1 for the quick removal of snow. Its not just the fans that detest snow (GTA IV NEVER had snow, and Rockstar never bothered to implement it, despite that Liberty City is located way up north), its Rockstar for taking it out too quickly after day one. Just goes to show that both the people and Rockstar have no respect for dynamic weather like snow here. Snow was not only fun, but also adds the challenge, and I was appalled to see it being removed the next day. GTA V has snow cheats, yes, but its not enough and it doesn't add the snowy ambiance to it.

The Business Update

Rating: 7/10

Nice selection of cars and guns to go for, with the Jester being the top of the line for me. The Alpha and Turismo R are for my secondary character, due to the limited capacity of garages I had. As for the Vestra, its not only overpriced, but given the reason why I prefer cars over planes and helicopters, I'll only choose the Vestra for races, but not to keep it. Still a good update, no less.

The High Life Update

Rating: 7.5/10

Lovely cars and bikes, and more importantly, another safehouse slot to store (though there could've been more, like five new safehouses to buy instead of two) more vehicles inside. The Zentoro must be everyone's favorite, but I would beg to differ. I frequently use the Cheetah and be able to beat their Zentorno cars, and Adders, really easily without the need for a turbo upgrade (because even so, it would be completely unwanted), so I mostly choose the Massacro, Thrust and the Huntley S for my collection. My main gripe, however, is GTA Today, the most non-existent mission ever. I completed all DLC missions except one. Has Rockstar purposely made this mission a 1% chance for it to appear? Even go as far as to make it have low payouts? No, Rockstar. You do not make a mission that's basically non-existent for it to appear. Good update, but the certain mission for it to not appear at all? No thank you.

The I'm Not a Hipster Update

Rating: 9/10

Huge selection of cars, especially the Dubsta 6x6, Panto and Pigalle, all modifiable to greatness. I loved the update, but the Vintage Pistol and the Dagger are a meh. Deserves a 9 for this one.

San Andreas Flight School Update

Rating: 4/10

Again, not big with planes, and the Coquette Classic is the only vehicle that interests me. The new modes? I was expecting a new Survival, so nope.

The Last Team Standing Update

Rating: 2.5/10

Initially excited, but the three cars I like has no bodywork modification. Has Rockstar made Hakuchou's bodywork non-existent intentionally? That's a big fail, I can tell. Same goes for Innovation and the Furore GT. Heavy Shotgun is decent (but not better than the Assault Shotgun), while the Marksman Rifle is just that terrible. The Parachute Bags are a nice addition, but this DLC fails to live up the expectations (lots of LTS, but that's it; I'm not a hardcore LTS player).

Festive Surprise

Rating 8/10

Loved the update, including the snow. It was short lasting, but I played it for photo-ops. Both racecar variants of the Jester and the Massacro are my favorites. The Slamvan's decent, but the braking's poor, but the Rat-Truck's awesome, even if its handling isn't any better than the Rat-Loader. And snow was much more dynamic than the last, having my car splattered with snow isn't too big of a problem for me anyway. Proximity Mine, while short on ammo, makes it handy for GTA Races, and Homing Launcher does the work for me on enemy choppers easily. This update is a win-win for me.

GTA V/Online Wishlists

  • Fully mapped North Yankton only for the enhanced version for cars to be covered with snow and sludge, not to mention vehicles' handling drastically changed while driving in the snow.
  • More Survival maps, such as in Los Santos International Airport (on both terminals, up and down), Mirror Park, Mount Zonah Medical Center, Vinewood Hills (behind the Vinewood Sign), El Burro Heights and Paleto Bay.
  • Custom soundtracks for PC, since Rockstar isn't inclined to add that feature to the consoles anyway.
  • Reduce overpowered AI for missions. Make it a hard, but reasonable challenge, not unfair and impossible (get it right, Rockstar, honestly).
  • Add bodywork for more vehicles, especially the Double-T and the Hakuchou. There was no reason to not have the swingarm option, much less having no bodywork modifications.
  • Mission Creator would be really nice for that feature for Online.
  • Remove restricted areas for Creator. Its pointless and it ruins creativity.
  • Stock exchanges needs serious improvement for GTA V. It feels like I'm depositing money and earning nothing from purchasing stocks at all.
  • Unlock three additional character slots in GTA Online. No reason to keep them locked without any way of unlocking them in the current-gen consoles.
  • Make created jobs pending for verification after posting it. It seems none of the players want to take part on even the most created jobs posted (mine isn't perfect, but nobody even takes notice due to being too busy farming Rooftop Rumble, no less).
  • Make missions' payouts lower if repeated in one session. Its not hard to try out different missions.


I have both the PSN ID and Steam account (though I don't have GTA IV). Let me know for them! Also, I'm a little rusty when it comes to edits.


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