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  • I live in Leeds, England
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is Bureaucrat of GTA Wiki
  • I am Male
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[[File:My_character_CJ.jpg|thumb|left|Me in GTA San Andreas]]
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[[File:My_character_Luis.jpg|thumb|left|Me in TBoGT]]
[[File:Rockstar_Leeds_Logo.png|thumb|left|Since I come from Leeds, I love Rockstar Leeds!]]
==About me==
Hi there! My name is Tom and I am from the city of Leeds, England. I have played the GTA Series since I was 4 years old. The 2 best memorys from the series are both to do with GTA San Andreas where at first, when I was 4, my brother owned it but could never complete the mission "[[Cesar Vialpando (Mission)|Cesar Vialpando]]" so he let me play it to see how I'd do. He thought that I would just try and fail, over and over again. He was wrong. I completed that mission like nobody had completed it before, I bet all his money and got his money up to [[$]]10,000 (no cheats were active). The other thing was when my mum was pregnant and had to go to the hospital, I had to go stay at her friends house for the day. Whilst I was there, I played GTA San Andreas once again. I started a new profile (with cheats) at 10 AM and then completed the game by 6 PM! It had never been done before (not by me anyway) and I simply couldn't believe it. I failed only 3 missions and completed all the others successfully. It was brilliant. Since I live in Leeds, I love Rockstar Leeds. The building where they are based is actually down the hill from where I live and I see it mostly everyday on the way to school. It is a big glass building in the City West office area and there is a big Rockstar Leeds Logo on the side of the building.
Now more about me.
{{Template:Quote|If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer!|Ace Ventura}}
I have two brothers, one half-brother, four step sisters and four step brothers. I am in year 9 (9th Grade) at a school called Cockburn High School (yes it says cock, get over it) where I have a Literacy teacher that has taught me a lot of things to do with grammar. In Primary School (Elementary school) I could spell very well and I was always top of the class in grammar. When teachers took students out of class to practice reading once every month, I stopped on the first month. I learned to tell the time at age 4. My spelling has always been brilliant and the only times it seems I fail at typing on here is when I type too fast and make a typo. Last thing. My Username is from two things. LS11 comes from my Post Code (Area Code) and Vault Boy is the name of a person in the Fallout Series. The little s in the middle is saying I come from LS11. It basically is my Username for two reasons.
{{Template:Quote|Alrighty Then!|Jim Carrey}}
#All the reasons of where it comes from.
#I was pretty damn amazed when Fallout first came out that I made a Youtube channel with the name and now this profile with the name.
==What I think of Wikia==
Wikia is the most biggest piece of crap...... Now, HOW COULD ANYONE SAY THAT???!!! Wikia is the greatest creation on the planet! Every little Wiki brings people who like the same things, from all over the world, to one place. It is the best way to make friends, editing is easy, navigating through it is easy; it's brilliant! I never want to leave it! Ever since November 10th 2012, I have been online on Wikia every day with no regret. I love you Wikia, and I would be sad to see you go. (From the noggin of LS11sVaultBoy)
==Friends on Wiki==
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*[[User talk:Mikey Klebbitz|Mikey]] <small>My brother from another mother</small>
|year = 2012
*[[User talk:Ray boccino|Ray]] <small>He just loves videos doesn't he</small>
|month = 11
*[[User talk:JBanton|JB]] <small>Vrum Vrum!</small>
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*[[User:Ilan xd|Ilan]] <small>Possibly the best editor here</small>
*[[User talk:Istalo|Istalo]] <small>I think he likes fish</small>
*[[User talk:McJeff|Jeff]] <small>It's either he's a real M.C. or he's Scottish</small>
*[[User talk:Cloudkit01|Bosco]] <small>Get his name right or he'll pimp slap you!</small>
*[[User talk:Sasquatch101|Sasquatch]] <small>Wouldn't wanna be alone in the woods with him</small>
*[[User:Instulent|Instu]] <small>Follow the policies or he'll find you!</small>
*[[User:Dodo8|Dodo]] <small>I thought he was extinct</small>
*[[User:Tony 1998|Tony]] <small>I'm guessing he was born in 1998</small>
*[[User:Thomas0802|Thomas]] <small>How he gets so many edits a day I will never know</small>
*[[User:Messi1983|Dan]] <small>I wonder who his favourite footballer is</small>
*[[User:Kingrhem|Rhem]] <small>So many edits in so little time</small>
*[[User:McJeff|Jeff]] <small>Probably my favorite Bureaucrat</small>
*[[User:TheGuyWhoKnewHowToCry|Cry Guy]] <small>Crying is for men now.</small>
*[[User:Halcrow1215|Halcrow]] <small>Get the scarecrow!</small>
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<small>[[File:VaultBoy's dad plays TBoGT-0|387 px]]</small>
==Friends on Wiki==
===Favourite Game===
All of the [[GTA Wiki:Staff|Staff]]!
GTA III Era: [[GTA San Andreas]]
GTA IV Era: [[TBoGT]]
===Favourite Mission===
GTA III Era: [[A Home In The Hills]]
GTA IV Era: [[Three Leaf Clover]]
===Favourite Protagonist===
GTA III Era: [[Carl Johnson]]
GTA IV Era: [[Niko Bellic]]
===Favourite Non Playable Character===
GTA III Era: [[Sweet]]
GTA IV Era: [[Yusuf Amir]]
===Favourite Antagonist===
GTA III Era: [[Mike Toreno]]
GTA IV Era: [[Roman Bellic]]
===Favourite Gang===
GTA III Era: [[Avenging Angels]]
GTA IV Era: [[The Lost Brotherhood]]
==Games, Time complete and rating==
===GTA 1===
Completed: Once
Rating: 8/10
===GTA 2===
Completed: Once
Rating: 9/10
===GTA London 1961===
Completed: 50%
Rating: 5/10
===GTA London 1969===
Completed: First Mission
Rating: 5/10
===GTA III===
Completed: 75%
Rating: 9/10
===GTA Advance===
Completed: 25%
Rating: 6/10
===GTA Vice City===
Completed: 75%
Rating 10/10
===GTA San Andreas===
Completed: 12 times (Yeah, it's true)
Rating: 10/10
===GTA Liberty City Stories===
Completed: Once
Rating: 8/10
===GTA Vice City Stories===
Completed: Twice
Rating: 8/10
===GTA IV===
Completed: Twice
Rating: 10/10
===GTA IV: TLAD===
Something I love doing in GTA V is taking pictures of the amazing views that the game has to offer. Therefore, I am designating this section of my user page to show off any photos I have taken that I believe look amazing. Enjoy!
Completed: Once
Rating: 9/10
===GTA IV: TBoGT===
UserLS11sVaultBoy-GreatView1.jpg|Captured from the back yard of Franklin's mansion.
Completed: Once
UserLS11sVaultBoy-GreatView2.jpg|Captured in the Grand Senora Desert looking towards the RON Alternates Wind Farm.
UserLS11sVaultBoy-GreatView3.jpg|Captured from atop Vinewood Hills looking down onto the Grand Senora Desert.
Rating: 10/10
==GTA Wiki Memories==
===GTA Chinatown Wars===
Completed: Never Played
18PeopleInChat-GTAWiki.png|Very busy chat.
LS11sVaultBoy-6969Edits.png|Nothing strange about this amount...
LS11sVaultBoy-7000Edits.png|7000 Edits Mark
Rating: ?/10
===GTA V===
*This user fell from a bridge and landed perfectly using his cat-like reflexes.
Completed: Unreleased
*This user is a Leeds United fan, so is used to being let down in life.
Rating: My thoughts on how it looks so far are 10/10
{{Gtawiki staff}}

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"In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night."
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"If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer!"
―Ace Ventura
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Friends on WikiEdit

All of the Staff!


Something I love doing in GTA V is taking pictures of the amazing views that the game has to offer. Therefore, I am designating this section of my user page to show off any photos I have taken that I believe look amazing. Enjoy!

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  • This user fell from a bridge and landed perfectly using his cat-like reflexes.
  • This user is a Leeds United fan, so is used to being let down in life.

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