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April 14, 2012
  • I live in SPAIN
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is STUDENT
  • I am A MAN
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<gallery type="slideshow">
BulletGT-TBOGT-triathlons.jpg|My unique green Bullet GT.
BulletGT-TBOGT-triathlons.jpg|My unique green Bullet GT in TBOGT.
Pistol.44-TBOGT.png|My weapon of choice 2.
BaseballBat-GTA4.png|My TBOGT weapon of choice 1.
Pistol.44-TBOGT.png|My TBOGT weapon of choice 2.

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This is me...
Welcome to my home page! Feel free to look, you can ask me or comment me anything in the talk page, enjoy!

About me

Hi, my name is Jaime, and im from Madrid, Spain. I am a huge fan myself of the Grand Theft Auto series. I own all games to date, except for advance. My first game was GTA LCS, so its one of my preferable games of the GTA series. I consider myself a good player and I never used cheats, though Id make a profile with all them cheats activated, because who doesn't enjoy cheating? 

Me and the WIKI

GTA WIKI is an awesome site, so I decided to join in. This probably the best one ive seen in the internet, and I really wish this page spreads through the internet, really informative. Its got many pages that inform me things I never realized from a game story or other in-game secrets. And I hope many things improve in this WIKI, and also I would like to help the WIKI by improving info, pictures and people if necesary. I also like to make articles more improved for other people.


My PSN is: J555TIS555 

My SA-MP is: jaimemm09 

If you are interested in playing multiplayer with me, send me a message and we'll play. It is good to play with people, to share :)

My stats

  • My unique orange infernus.
  • My unique black Schafter.
  • My weapon of choice 1.
  • My weapon of choice 2.
  • My weapon of choice 3.
  • My weapon of choice 4.
  • My weapon of choice 5.
  • My weapon of choice 6.
  • My weapon of choice 7.
  • My unique green Bullet GT in TBOGT.
  • My TBOGT weapon of choice 1.
  • My TBOGT weapon of choice 2.

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