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Damn, I Should update my Profile more.
I am a GTA Gamer and blah blah i joined this wiki to edit stuff add stuff and blah blah blah

GTA Wiki Job 

Correcting Grammar and spelling errors, adding trivia and more detail, adding forgotten stuff(V Websites for example, there are much website pages to yet add.) and maybe some other stuff too.

GTAs i own

In Order.

2012 is when i really started playing GTAs other then SA. and September 17 is when i started playing GTAs on Playstation.

GTAs 100%'d

Galleries and Cars

  • GTA V Gallery
  • "Hot" Eva
  • Random Dead Cop
  • A guy on a satellite.
  • My PS3 GTAO Player.
  • Bike Ridin'
  • Hatless Ronald in a fight.
  • The construction worker in the random event.
  • Michael (Townley)'s wedding.
  • Fun with save editors.
  • GTA V Rides
  • Bravado Buffalo S
  • Western Bagger
  • Canis Bodhi
  • Ubermacht Sentinel
  • Obey Tailgater
  • Ubermacht Oracle VIP Cab
  • Nagasaki Hotrod ATV
  • Ubermacht Sentinel
  • Pegassi Faggio
  • HVY Cutter
  • Franklin gold Sultan.jpg Karin Sultan
  • Vapid Sandking
  • Pegassi Bati 801
  • Truffade Z-Type
  • banshee from an old save
  • Jimmy's Bike
  • Declasse Asea
  • Vapid Stanier
  • Mammatus
  • Enus Super Diamond
  • Cavalcade
  • Pfister Comet
  • Weeny issi
  • Gauntlet
  • The P996-Lazer
  • Monroe
  • Trevor New Feltzer Feltzer
  • Manana and Stockade
  • Sabre Turbo and Space Docker
  • Annis Elegy RH8
  • BF Bifta
  • Canis Kalahari
  • Bravado Paradise
  • Albany Roosevelt
  • Albany Alpha
  • Dinka Jester
  • Grotti Red Turismo R
  • Enus Huntley S
  • Dewbawchee Massacro
  • Dinka Thrust
  • Pegassi Zentorno
  • Dec-Rhapsody.jpg Declasse Rhapsody
  • Benefactor Dubsta 6X6
  • Vulcar Warrener
  • Vapid Blade
  • Benefactor Glendale
  • Benefactor Panto
  • Lampadati Pigalle
  • GTA SA Gallery
  • A Roosevelt in GTA SA i added using a tutorial on how to ADD vehicles(not model replacement, but all the handling codes and stuff.)
  • A Kuruma added editing all the code, same case as the SA Roosevelt


GTA Vice City Stories


Vehicle Missions

  • Complete the Air Rescue side-mission to 15 levels. 0/15
  • Complete the Paramedic side-mission to 15 levels. 0/15
  • Complete 50 fares or make at least $5,000 for Taxi Driver. 0/50; 0/5000
  • Complete "Fire Copter" to 5 levels. 0/5

Complete all timed side-missions.

  • Cause at least $2,000 damage or more on "Crash!".
  • Mashin' Up The Mall
  • Harbor Hover Race
  • Haiti Hover Race
  • Crims on Wings
  • Playground on the Town
  • Playground on the Point
  • Land Sea and Air Ace
  • Skywolf
  • Complete all 5 turismo races on the mainland. 0/5
  • Complete all 4 turismo races on the east island. 0/4
  • Complete all 8 courses for Watersports. 0/8
  • Complete all 12 courses for the Sanchez Time Trials. 0/12
  • Complete all 8 courses for BMX Time trials. 0/8
  • Complete all 4 courses for Quad Time Trials. 0/4

GTA Character Stats

-Claude's famous quote.
Appearance(s): PC
Full name: Claude
Also known as: Playa2
Date of birth: Somewhere in 2012-13
Home: Liberty City
Red Light District, Portland
Belleville Park, Staunton Island
Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
Thomas Vercetti
"Who does this guy think he is? Now I gotta dress like a chump as well as hang out with him? I like this shirt."
-Tommy after having to change clothes.
Appearance(s): PC
Full name: Thomas Vercetti
Date of birth: 2013
Home: Ocean View Hotel room
Vercetti Estate
Other Purchaseable Properties
Vehicle(s): Romero's Hearse
Zebra Cab
Bloodring Glendale
Bloodring Oceanic
Hotring Racer
Barracks OL
VCPD Cheetah
FBI Rancher
VCPD Cruiser
Fire Truck
FBI Washington
Businesses: Vercetti Estate
The Boatyard
Ice Cream Factory
Sunshine Autos
Print Works
Kaufman Cabbs
Phil's Place
InterGlobal Films
Pole Position
Antonio Cipriani
"Hey! JD, get out here! Hey JD, you little sicko, get the fuck out here, before I come in there and break your legs!"
-Toni first meeting JD O'Toole.
Appearance(s): PSP
Full name: Antonio Cipriani
Date of birth: 2014
Home: Portland Safehouse
Staunton Island Safehouse
Vehicle(s): Thunder-Rodd
Campaign Rumpo
Businesses: Capital Autos
Victor Vance
Victor Vance (VCS)
"Your biggest mistake? Being born."
-Victor in a gunfight
Appearance(s): PSP
Full name: Victor Vance
Date of birth: 2014
Home: 101 Bayshore Avenue
The Compound
Clymenus Suite
Vehicle(s): Those cars keep dissapearing!! Aagh!!
Businesses: 5 Protection Racket Empires
5 Loan Sharking Empires
5 Prostitution Empires
5 Drug Running Empires
5 Robbery Empires
5 Smuggling Empires
Niko Bellic
"So, this is what the dream feels like? This is the victory we longed for..."
-Niko's last quote before the end credits
Appearance(s): PC, PS3
Full name: Niko Bellic
Date of birth: Somewhere in 2012-2013
Home: South Bohan Safehouse
Middle Park East Safehouse
Playboy X's Penthouse
Alderney Safehouse
Vehicle(s): Orange Infernus
Playboy X's Patriot
Police Stockade
Jonathan Klebitz
"A brother might stab you in the back, a woman certaintly will. But a bike will never let you down."
-Johnny to his brothers.
Appearance(s): PC, PS3
Full name: Jonathan Klebitz
Date of birth: Somewhere in 2012-13
Home: Acter, Alderney
Vehicle(s): Hexer
Gang Burrito
Prison Bus
Luis Fernando Lopez
"Dessie.. Take care of these two?"
-Luis letting Roman and Brucie inside Maisonette 9.
Appearance(s): PC, PS3
Full name: Luis Fernando Lopez
Date of birth: Somewhere in 2012-13
Vehicle(s): Schafter
Stretch E
Businesses: Bodyguard of Tony Prince
Nightclub bouncer
Nightclub Co-Manager/Co-Owner
Franklin Clinton
"..Poor me. Poor me. Man pour me a drink, nigga."
-Franklin to Michael about him being miserable.
Appearance(s): PS3
Full name: Franklin Clinton
Date of birth: 2013 September 17
Home: 3671 Whispymound Dr., Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Vehicle(s): Franklin's Buffalo
Franklin's Bagger
Gang Z-Type
Tuned Kalahari
Bati 801
Every Docktease Boat
Every Elitastravel Aircraft
Every Warstock aircraft
Tuned Gold Sultan
Businesses: Pitchers
Los Santos Customs
Downtown Cab Co
Car Scrapyard
Smoke On The Water
Michael De Santa
"You forget a thousand things everyday, pal. make sure this is one of 'em."
-Michael's favorite movie quote.
Appearance(s): PS3
Full name: Michael De Santa
Date of birth: 2013 September 17
Home: Rockford Hills Mansion
Vehicle(s): Michael's Tailgater
Amanda's Sentinel
Tracey's Issi
Cop Stanier 2013
Abigail's Asea
Tuned Cavalcade
Gay Stafford
Tuned Comet
Every DockTease Boat
Every Helicopter
Businesses: Tequi-la-la
Trevor Philips
"Take off your pants, cowboy, eh? Let's fuck."
-Trevor to Johnny.
Appearance(s): PS3
Full name: Trevor Philips
Date of birth: 2013 September 17
Home: Sandy Shores Trailer
Vanilla Unicorn
Vehicle(s): Trevor's Bodhi
Hotrod Lawnmower
Sabre Giga
Rollin' Manana
Tuned Monroe
Gracie's New Feltzer
Space Docker
All Elitastravel Planes and Helicopters
All Warstock Aircraft
All Docktease boats
P-996 Lazer
Businesses: Vanilla Unicorn
McKenzie Field Hangar
Sonar Collections Dock

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