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July 29, 2013
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Damn, I Should update my Profile more.
I am a GTA Gamer and blah blah i joined this wiki to edit stuff add stuff and blah blah blah

GTA Wiki Job 

Correcting Grammar and spelling errors, adding trivia and more detail, adding forgotten stuff(V Websites for example, there are much website pages to yet add.) and maybe some other stuff too.

GTAs i own

In Order.

2012 is when i really started playing GTAs other then SA. and September 17 is when i started playing GTAs on Playstation.

GTAs 100%'d


GTA V Return

TBA after missions

Things to do after i complete the assassination missions with stock tips after the big score:

  • Buy all the properties
    • Franklin
      • LSPD Auto Impound
      • Downtown cab co✔
      • Los Santos customs
      • Smoke on the water✔
      • Pitchers
    • Michael
      • Cinema Doppler
      • Tivoli Cinema
      • Ten Cent Theater
      • Tequi-la-la
      • Hookies
    • Trevor
      • MCKenzie's Field✔
      • Sonar Collections Dock
      • LS Golf club
      • Car Scrapyard
      • The hen's house
  • Buy all the guns in ammunation
  • Buy hangar, marina slip and helipad
  • Buy all boats, planes and helicopters
    • Docktease boats
    • Elitastravel
    • Warstock cache and carry aircraft
  • Tune all the cars
  • Buy all the clothes
    • Ammunation
    • Vespucci Clothes (Michael and Trevor)
    • Vespucci Masks
    • Binco/Discount stores
    • Suburban
    • Ponsonbys

Pages by me


User Pages

Pages yet to make

  • Prison uniform
  • Missing outfit pages
  • Outfit pages for GTA IV
  • Outfit pages for GTA V
  • Missing websites in GTA V
  • Missing websites in GTA IV

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