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February 22, 2013
  • I live in Somewhere in the Ardennes
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Old-school rap listener, GTA-freak and football player.
  • I am male
Administrator I am an Administrator on this wiki.

Message me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad.

Me, Tommy
Administrator I am an Administrator on GTA Wiki
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        • Hello and thanks for visiting my profile. Leave me a message in my talk page if you need help with something. I am available to help users in the Wiki and make friendships, so feel free contacting me.


Friends 'n' Allies

  • Big J - Classic rap listener, much respect.
  • Boomie - Great editing skills and myth master.
  • Cloud - Very nice guy, making tons of edits.
  • Dodo - A very good friend and template expert. Likes languages and soccer, like me.
  • Ilan - Top editor. Great admin. My first contact here.
  • Istalo - A friend from my country.
  • JB - He ikes Suv's like me, and good friend to chat.
  • Jeans - Character modding master. Helped me a lot.
  • Rhem - Very good editor, our most recent patroller.
  • Tom1 - One edit expert. Helped me very much in the beginning.
  • Jeff - The b'cat that I usually contact. Teached me how to deal with vandals at the beginning.
  • Dan - A very good editor and likes soccer/football like me.
  • Mikey - A very good friend. I always contact him and just like Dodo we are soccer fans.
  • Sas - Myths king. You wouldn't get in the woods from Whetstone without him...
  • Smash - A very friendly and skilled editor.
  • Tom2 - Top editor, has GTA VC as favorite game just like me.
  • Mr. T - Very good friend. We want to change the weather, but there's no cheat in the real life for it.

GTA Online infobox

Appearance(s): GTA Online
Full name: Tommy0802
Also known as: Tommy
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Los Santos
Home: Tinsel Towers Apt. 42
3 Alta Street Tower Apt. 57
0115 Bay City Ave Apt. 45 (Previously)
Main affiliation: LS Bloods Family
59th Family Bloods
GTA Wiki Crew
Vehicle(s): See gallery below

GTA Online Vehicles Gallery

Under Construction This article or section is Under Construction.
Note: All the vehicles from this gallery were purchased from in-game websites (except the Oracle).

GTA SA Vehicles gallery

  • My favorite car, my lovely Tahoma.
  • My green Tahoma from the back.
  • My green Tahoma with the hydraulics on.
  • This one is my black Tahoma.
  • My crazy Stratum modded at the Wheel Arch Angels
  • The beige Stratum with bumper, roof and everything.
  • Now from the back, sorry for the bad light.
  • The pink stretch :)
  • Pink Stretch from the back.
  • My Red-Ferrari colored Turismo.
  • Now from the back.
  • My beautiful Stafford.
  • My GSF Gangsta Lowrider Savannah.
  • The Lowrider and two GSF OG's
  • My blue Taxi modded by TransFender
  • GSF Og with my blue Taxi.
  • My blue Taxi from the back.
  • GSF Greenwood completely modded by Transfender.
  • Greenwood from the side with roof, side skirts, exhaust...
  • Brazilian colored Bullet at the TransFender.

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