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    Some time ago, me, along with Leo and Smashbro was discussing with some user to keep the Daytime Running Lights page, which that user found it irrelevant, the user told Tom about the situation, but Tom also found the page irrelevant and deleted it, but we still miss the page, and now that the enhanced version of GTA V is coming, there are Neon Lights as a modification as you can see in the Zentorno article, so I wanted this page back to show some info about both the DRLs and the Neon lights.

    If you find this page irrelevant, think about the Door Ajar Chime, it is relevant enough to deserve a sole article and the DRLs article is as relevant as the Door Ajar Chime.

    Additionally, the DRLs article was my reason to create the Horns page, I think …

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    Because I don't, I wanted somebody to take pictures of the new vehicles in the current gen version and talk about them in the articles, mainly the Skimmer and the Dukes, but I also want confirmation if the Tampa, Slamvan and other vehicles like the clean Voodoo will also appear, and if the Jet will have a different name, i'm really anxious for the current gen version, so all I can do is wait here, as I don't have enough money to buy a PS4 right now

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    Best GTA cars!

    August 27, 2014 by AndreEagle17

    Well,let's talk about our favorite cars in the GTA world,both on the 3D and HD universe

    Which cars are your favorite cars guys? My favorites are:

    In GTA 3 = Stinger

    In GTA Vice city = Infernus and Comet

    In GTA San Andreas = Monster Truck, Turismo and Hotknife

    In GTA IV trilogy = F620, Bullet GT, Turismo and Comet

    In GTA V and Online = Stinger GT, Turismo, Cheetah, Panto, Dominator, Cutter and of course the Space Docker

    Now guys, tell me your favorites :)

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