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Grove Street Savanna

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Grove Street Savanna
Gsf savanna
The Savanna in GTA SAS.
Vehicle type Gang car
Body style Lowrider
Capacity 4
Appearance(s) GTA San Andreas Stories (DYOM)

The Grove Street Savanna is a car featured in  the DYOM Storyline GTA San Andreas Stories.As the name says,it's based on the normal Savanna,with few changes like a green paintjob,a softtop roof and many minor  markings.


As it is a tuned Savanna,the design is the same as the normal one,but has a roof,and many small decals.


It's performance is the same as that of a regular Savanna.


  • Connor
  • Pole


  • Commonly seen driven by Grove Street Families gangbangers.
  • The protagonist of the story,Connor owns one.It's always seen near his house.

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