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    Hey guys and welcome to the 1 week anniversary of the wiki news! This week, Carl "CJ" Johnson gets arrested for drug abuse, Johnny Klebitz gets his head smashed in, and Claude learns how to speak. But first, to our main news.

    The Beach Bum pack comes out for GTA V and GTA Online will be released tomorrow. Players will be able to use all new weapons; the SNS Pistol and even a Broken Bottle. There are 3 new vehicles and a whole load of new clothes. There are new jobs such as more Last Team Standings, Races and Deathmatches. There will even be more features for character customization. Heists are still to be announced.

    Soon, all images uploaded to wikia will be uploaded to one place. This means that possibly in a few hours, there may be a sligh…

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    Hey guys, VaultBoy here bringing you guys the latest in the wiki news.

    GTA Online players got their $500,000 a few days ago, after many delays in the system. As for the Beach Bum Pack, Rockstar announced that it will be released sometime next week.

    Admin Winter Moon was demoted last week, due to his long absences of not editing. Because of this, there is now an open spot on the Admin list although don't try voting yet, it is still being decided on how the requests are gonna work and it is only open to worthy Patrollers.

    This weeks polls!

    This is VaultBoy, signing off for the first time. I hope you enjoyed the first part of the wiki's news. More to come and the news post will look more jazzy soon as well. Goodbye!

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    Hi guys and welcome to the second weekly polls. Here I'll be telling you the results from last week and I'll be giving you some new ones. So, let's get on with it.

    1. I asked you guys who your favourite GTA characters were. You told me...

    In third is Trevor Philips with just 9 votes.

    In second is Michael De Santa with 19 votes.

    And in first is everyones favourite Yugoslavian, Niko Bellic with 28 votes.

    2. Your favourite GTA missions... In third is The Third Way with 7 votes.

    In second is Reuniting the Families with 14 votes.

    And in first is the setting behind GTA V's stroy mode, Three Leaf Clover with 29 votes!

    3. Your favourite food/drink business...

    In third is Sprunk with 8 votes.

    In second is Cluckin' Bell with 23 votes.

    And in first, winning by …

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    1 Year Anniversary

    November 10, 2013 by LS11sVaultBoy

    Hi. I've been here for 1 year now and I'd just like to talk about my time here in this blog post. I started here at about 10AM on Saturday 10th November 2012. My first edit was correcting some spelling on the Varrios Los Aztecas page. In January 2013, I became a Patroller. I had made a request before which failed but told me to go from about 60 edits to 200 edits. I did this in a day and made a request within 24 hours of the old one. It passed with flying colours. Then, in March, I became an Admin. I helped with things like the Rigby and Zombie22 cases.

    Throughout my time here, I have met a lot of people I consider my friends. The main ones are my fellow staff members, most notably Ilan and Mikey, Jeff and Tom, Rhem and Thomas and Instu and…

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    Hey guys. VaultBoy here deciding to bring to you some weekly polls. On other wikis I have seen weekly polls being set up (most notably the Fallout Wiki) so I thought that they could be a good feature to have on this wiki. Polls will appear every Monday so just look on the News section on the Main Page and soon on the news blogs that will start to come around. Thank you and enjoy the first polls!


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