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    Leon Davis

    GTA V The Best and Worst

    September 7, 2014 by Leon Davis

    Ok, so in ten days, it will have been a year since the release, so I turn to you; GTA fans and Wikia users. What are the best parts of GTA V, and what's the worst? We were promised great things; were we happy. Where could they have been better. Where could they improve it? What could not be better?


    The size of the map: I was satisfied with the size of the map. Whether it's an Entity XF speeding down the Los Santos Freeway against the backdrop of the San Andreas sunset, or flying high above the lights of the Los Santos nightime skyline, it's amazing. And the extra towns are fun little places to be, such as the beachside town of Paleto Bay, or speeding away from pissed off rednecks in Sandy Shores.

    The cars: A majority of them are amazing…

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    Leon Davis

    Which cars would you want to see in a future DLC? Me, personally, the Super GT, Dukes, Stallion and Stretch E. Or even a brand new DLC car, because I think GTA V should have a Saleen S7.

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    Leon Davis

    This weekend go on to GTA Online to earn double RP and use your last chance to buy Independence Day special equipment, which expires at the beginning of this week. This does suggest a new DLC as they usually coincide with a Special expiration (Valentine's Day Expires Feb 3, Business Pack Feb 4). I wonder what the next DLC will be cos it probably won't be heists. If it is zombies or some bullshit like that then I'm fucking done, but if it's a few new cars jobs and clothing it'll be a meh attitude, but if we finally get heists that would be great. Straight from the newswire. The content expires on Sunday August 3rd.

    Beginning tomorrow, August 1st and running all weekend long through midnight eastern on Sunday August 3rd, get 2X RP in GTA Onli…

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    Leon Davis

    Who would be the most annoying or unnecessary characters in the GTA franchise? After playing some of San Andreas recently, I felt Zero was the most unnecessary character, he was also annoying as hell. His missions sucked and his life was just sad. If it was me I'd say 3D: Zero, HD: Brucie/Fabien (GTA V)

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    Leon Davis

    So, as of next Thursday it will be exactly 10 months since the release of GTA V, and by August 1st, it will be 10 months since the launch of GTA Online. As we may have believed in the gameplay video we were going to be able to have Heists as soon as the game was released. We were told after the Valentine's Day Special that the updates would be Dangerous Business Pack, Capture Creator and Heists. We were then told in Spring to expect the Capture Creator Tool, The High Life Update and then Heists. Spring is now over and we have had two other DLCs. The Hipster update was stupid and the cars were awful and overpriced, and the clothing wasn't that exciting. Then we had the Independence Day update. The fireworks were pretty cool and it's nice th…

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