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  • Leon Davis

    So as we are aware, today marks the release of the enhanced version of GTA V. A few things are needed, but they also have expectations. Feel free to add to the list;

    • Updated high quality front and rear quarter view images of ALL vehicles.
      • Expected- Make sure the image policy is followed so the images are not deleted. They must also be clear, Snapmatic will give better quality.
    • Video walkthroughs for new side missions, and for storyline missions.

    No spamming articles, edit warring or inserting false information. Violation of the policies will result in bans. If you have a question, or you are a new user, then contact a member of staff, who can be found in the community bar on the top of the wiki.

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  • Leon Davis

    As you've probably heard, today (October 28) Rockstar announced new content being added for the next generation of Grand Theft Auto V, with the PS4 and XBOX One releases slated for a November 18 release, while PC is delayed until January 27, 2015. Today several new vehicles, side missions and weapons were announced. Before I add the information, can I request the community DOES NOT ADD FALSE OR SPECULATIVE INFORMATION to the articles below;

    The Dodo Seaplane has had a screenshot released showing it's amazing detail as this classic returns from the 3D Universe.

    The Dukes makes a re-appearance from Grand Theft Auto IV as the new armoured car, the Duke O'Death.

    The Stallion returns as a stock muscle car that can be used in races to be unlocked, as …

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  • Leon Davis

    10,000 Pages!

    October 13, 2014 by Leon Davis

    To the entire community, congratulations to anyone who has created an article. We now have over 10,000 pages of GTA content on the wiki!

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  • Leon Davis

    Future GTA V DLC Content

    October 13, 2014 by Leon Davis

    A few months ago I asked what returning vehicles you'd like to see in a DLC for GTA V. But what would you like to see added to either GTA V and Online? Except Heists and no stupid suggestions like aliens and zombies. That's not GTA, that CoD. Personally, I'd like a day job type DLC where you could be a cop, or a paramedic or firefighter like earlier GTA games, or other jobs because you can drive a Tow Truck or a cab but it just doesn't seem to be enough, there needs to be more ways to make cash. In the way of new cars I'd like to see a newer Cavalcade FXT based off of the second gen Cavalcade, but I'd like to see the older one too. I also feel a Saleen S7 would be amazing. Let me know what you want to see.

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  • Leon Davis

    GTA V The Best and Worst

    September 7, 2014 by Leon Davis

    Ok, so in ten days, it will have been a year since the release, so I turn to you; GTA fans and Wikia users. What are the best parts of GTA V, and what's the worst? We were promised great things; were we happy. Where could they have been better. Where could they improve it? What could not be better?


    The size of the map: I was satisfied with the size of the map. Whether it's an Entity XF speeding down the Los Santos Freeway against the backdrop of the San Andreas sunset, or flying high above the lights of the Los Santos nightime skyline, it's amazing. And the extra towns are fun little places to be, such as the beachside town of Paleto Bay, or speeding away from pissed off rednecks in Sandy Shores.

    The cars: A majority of them are amazing…

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