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{{Template:Infobox vehicles
{{Template:Infobox vehicles
|name = Vapid muscle car (possible [[Hellenbach]])
|front_image = VapidMuscle(rear)-GTAV.jpg
|front_image = Sanchez vs. Mustang.jpg
|image_size = 270px
|image_size = 275px
|caption = A rear and side view of the muscle car
|caption = A rear and side view of the muscle car
|vehicle_type = Civilian car
|vehicle_type = Civilian car

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The Vapid muscle car is a muscle car featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


This design model could be a remake of the Hellenbach as the cars are both based on a Ford Mustang, altough this new muscle car seems to have taken design cues from a 2004 Ford Mustang and a 1969 Ford Mustang (first generation).

The lower area of the main body of the car seems to belong to the 2004 Ford Mustang, and features flared wheel arches which are connected to the elevated area that spans the lower body. Halfway up the body, the main body line is straight and marks a sharp change between lower body and upper body. The greenhouse however alludes to the design of a third generation Mustang, featuring similar styling to the "sportsroof", but with a shorter length. The short C-pillar combines with the main body and forms a small platform just behind the rear windscreen. The wheels appear to be inspired by the classic wheels used on early generations of Mustang, but have seven spokes as opposed to the original five.

The rear lights are derived straight from a 1969 Ford Mustang. Being composed of three chrome-trimmed vertical strips which are red. The rear lights are placed on an impressed area between the rear wing and rear bumper. The rear bumper features circular exhaust tips with a chrome finish.


This car features an FR drivetrain layout.



(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)

Top Speed

(mph / km/h)

Stated Engines,
Game File Engines
Or In-game Engines
AWD = All Wheel Drive
FWD = Front Wheel Drive
RWD = Rear Wheel Drive
Gears Mass


In game Website: {{{0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time stated}}}
Speedometer: {{{0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time speedometer}}}
Game files: {{{0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time files}}}
In game Website: {{{Top speed stated}}}
Speedometer: {{{Top speed speedometer}}}
Game files: {{{Top speed files}}}


Front-engine, rear wheel drive





Grand Theft Auto V

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