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A Ventoso in GTA Vice City Stories
Vehicle type Civilian motorcycle
Body style Scooter
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) GTA Vice City Stories

The Ventoso is a customized moped/motorized bicycle featured exclusively in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Despite its appearance, the Ventoso performs apparently better than the Faggio scooter, with higher top speed, higher acceleration and lighter weight. Based on a late 1970s moped or a motorized bicycle, the Ventoso is evidently distinguishable by its compact framing and comes with a back-mounted, hard cover pannier, similar to the Pizza Boy. The Ventoso is a cross resemblance between Piaggio Boss and Honda Cub, two early-1980s scooters, but it is customized into a home-built electric scooter (this is evidenced by the lack of exhaust pipes).



  • Despite being an electric vehicle similar to the Caddy, the Ventoso still has the same engine sound as the Faggio, but unlike the Faggio, the Ventoso is capable of producing a high-pitched wail when accelerating in a straight line at high speeds.
  • "Ventoso" is Spanish, Portuguese and Italian for "windy".
  • It's one of ten electric vehicles in the GTA Series, the others being the RC Bandit, Baggage Handler, Airtug, Caddy, Forklift, Voltic, Khamelion and Surge.


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