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Vespucci Boulevard running through Little Seoul.

Vespucci Boulevard is a major east-west thoroughfare in Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The street runs from El Rancho Boulevard in East Los Santos to the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk in the west, passing through Murrieta Heights, La Mesa, Downtown Los Santos, Little Seoul and Vespucci.

The boulevard has connections to Supply Street, Popular Street, Sinner Street, Fantastic Place, Strawberry Avenue, Elgin Avenue, Power Street, Alta Street, Peaceful Street, Calais Avenue, Palomino Avenue, Ginger Street, Decker Street, South Rockford Drive, Prosperity Street and Magellan Avenue. Vespucci Boulevard also passes over the Elysian Fields Freeway and Little Bighorn Avenue and under La Puerta Freeway and Bay City Avenue.


Vespucci Boulevard is primarily a commercial street in Downtown Los Santos, industrial in East Los Santos and residential in Little Seoul and Vespucci. Notable locations include the Mission Row and Vespucci police stations, the Maze Bank Tower and the Mile High Club. It is the largest street in Los Santos, surpassing San Andreas Avenue in length. It is partially based on Venice Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard, two major east-west arterial roads in Los Angeles.

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