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The Vespucci Police Station is a branch of the LSPD serving the district of Vespucci in Los Santos. It is bordered by San Andreas Avenue, South Rockford Drive and Vespucci Boulevard.


Like other police stations in the game, the Vespucci Police Station serves as a respawn point if the player is Busted in the area. The Vespucci Police Station is a modern three-story building which is based on the real life Santa Monica Public Safety Facility.


The following vehicles can be found at the Vespucci Police Station:


GTA Online


  • Body Armor can be found on the garage rooftop patio.



  • In GTA Online, the station's parking lot was a location for Pegasus Lifestyle Management vehicles to spawn.
    • As of patch 1.17, the spawn location was abolished, and now spawns further down the road in a construction site parking lot.
  • On a wall on the Vespucci Canals side of the station is graffiti that reads "police and thieves in the street." This is a reference to the Junior Murvin reggae song 'Police and Thieves', which was covered by British punk band The Clash. A dub version of the original reggae song, 'Grumblin' Dub' is featured in-game on Blue Ark.

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