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For the neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto V, see Vinewood (HD Universe).
Vinewood Sign

The Vinewood Sign.

Vinewood Map

Vinewood location

Vinewood is an affluent district in Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Vinewood is located in the north-central region of the city. The district is modeled after Hollywood in Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills.

Vinewood surrounds the districts of Richman, Rodeo, Mulholland, Temple, Market and Marina. Vinewood is one of the least populated areas in the urban areas of Los Santos.

The area is one of the most affluent parts of town, along with Richman and Rodeo. The district is home to many of Los Santos' movie stars, musicians, and models.

Typically, the player can find more high-class vehicles and sports cars being driven around in this area.

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  • The Vinewood Sign, although intended to be in Vinewood hence the name, is actually located in Mulholland.
  • In the Chatterbox FM segment of the Liberty City Free Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, a caller mentions Vinewood for producing "heartwarming movies" and says that if Vinewood makes such movies, he is to "start killing people himself and blame it all on Vinewood."
  • "Vinewood" is where Lionel Starkweather, the main antagonists from Manhunt (another Rockstar game) made movies until his career was finished.
  • The Vinewood Sign is a lot lower down than it is in Grand Theft Auto V. 
  • The Vinewood Sign also can take a while to show or light up when approaching.

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