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[[File:Gallery218.jpg|thumb|Vinewood Boulevard as seen from the east.]]
'''Vinewood Boulevard''' is a street in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] and [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. It is located in [[Los Santos]], [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]]. The street serves as the hub of [[Vinewood (GTA SA)|Vinewood]], and is based on [[wp:Hollywood Boulevard|Hollywood Boulevard]] (Vinewood being based on Hollywood).
==GTA San Andreas==
*[[Vinewood Boulevard (3D Universe)]] - [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]
Vinewood Boulevard stretches from [[Vinewood (GTA SA)|Vinewood]] (west) to [[Market]] (east). The boulevard is home to many theatres, cinemas and other stores. Like its real life counterpart, Vinewood Boulevard features the Walk of Fame.
*[[Vinewood Boulevard (HD Universe)]] - [[Grand Theft Auto V]]
Starting point of the street is the eastern entrance of the [[Richman Country Club]] in Vinewood. In the west, the boulevard terminates at an intersection with the boulevard running from [[Mulholland]] to [[Verdant Bluffs]].
Since it is situated in one of the most affluent parts of town, many high-class vehicles and sports cars can be seen driving on Vinewood Boulevard.
===Places of interest===
*[[Cathay Theater]]
*[[Blastin' Fools Records]]
*[[El Dritch]]
*[[Movie Stars Homes Tour]]
*[[Sodom Sex Toys]]
*[[Vinewood Cemetery]]
*[[Cathay Theater]]
The Cathay Theater, also known simply as the Cathay, is the largest and most famous of the theaters on Vinewood Boulevard. It appears in one mission, namely "[[Management Issues]]".
The Legal is a movie theater situated on the east end of Vinewood Boulevard. At night, it will draw attention to itself with blue neon lights. It also has a location on [[Market Boulevard]], which is showing the movie "[[Reservoir Dregs]]".
*[[El Dritch]]
El Dritch is a movie theater located across the street from the Cathay, near [[Vinewood Cemetery]]. It's the second biggest theater on Vinewood Boulevard.
Vice is the smallest of the (movie) theaters, located halfway Vinewood Boulevard. It shows the movies "[[The Discharger]]" and "Half-Cocked 2", the sequel to "[[Half-Cocked]]", a movie featured in [[GTA III]].
==GTA V==
Vinewood Boulevard is located in [[Vinewood (GTA V)|Vinewood]]. [[Vinewood Boulevard Radio]] is located here.
<gallery captionalign="left">
gallery212.jpg|The Legal (to the right is Blastin' Fools Records).
gallery213.jpg|The Vice.
gallery215.jpg|El Dritch.
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