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The Vinewood Racetrack is a horse racing track located in East Vinewood, on the northeast side of Los Santos. It is based on the Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, California.


The Racetrack consists of a central structure, the track itself, and two adjacent buildings which serve as stables. The central structure, set off Vinewood Park Drive, consists on its western side of ticket windows, entry gates, and pavillions,  while on its eastern side is a large seating area which faces the track. The track itself is grass, as is its infield which also has shallow pools. The stables, which are set to the north and south of the track, contain stalls for horses, bales of hay, and other equipment. Beyond security guards, the Racetrack is largely unoccupied during the day or night.

Appearances in GTA V


  • When near the track around Los Santos, if you call for a Blimp (pre-ordered version only), it will be delivered to the track. It will be found sitting in the middle of the track's infield.


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