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|unlockedby = [[Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill]]
|unlockedby = [[Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill]]
'''Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark''' is a side mission in the series of [[Vinewood Souvenirs]] missions. 
'''Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark''' is a side mission in the series of [[Vinewood Souvenirs]] missions. 

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Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
Location: Los Santos Golf Club
Protagonist(s): Trevor Phillips
Target: Mark Fostenburg
Conditions of mission failure:
Fostenburg escapes.
Unlocked by: Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark is a side mission in the series of Vinewood Souvenirs missions. 


Trevor must retrieve a golf club from celebrity Mark Fostenburg. Fostenburg is located on the golf course of the Los Santos Golf Club. He is surrounded by three guards who will attack if Trevor gets too close or if Trevor opens fire. These events will also cause Fostenburg to flee, so it's best to use a shoot Fostenburg with a sniper rifle from a distance (he is the one wearing a red tee). The mission ends when Trevor retrieves the golf club from the back of Fostenburg's golf cart, then evades the police. Fostenburg does not have to survive for the mission to be successful; however, he must be killed if the player wishes to achieve the Gold Medal.

Gold Medal Requirements

  • Under Par: Collect the golf club in less than 30 seconds.
  • Hole in One: Kill Fostenburg with a headshot.
  • Four!: Kill Fostenburg and his three security guards.


  • Even if the player kills Mark during the mission, a news report on the internet and a bleete from Mark after the mission will still confirm that he is alive.

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