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Vulcar is an automotive manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Vulcar is most likely the GTA analogue of Volvo, as the Vulcar Ingot is noticeably based on the 90's Volvo 850 and V70 wagons.

Other clues that lead Vulcar to be based on the Swedish Manufacturer, as in GTA V a pedestrian can be heard talking on a cell phone about "How safe Vulcars are", which may be a reference to well known Volvo safety standards. Which is also mentioned at the website: "Reputed as the safest car ever made, (...) has been the choice for really terrible drivers for 20 years", which states that its closest counterpart in age is the Volvo 850. The font used in their branding is also similar to that of Volvo.

Their name appears to be a play-on of "vulgar", (meaning gross and inappropriate) and "car". This could be another reference to Volvo as their name is similar to the word "Vulva", the outer part of the female genitalia.


Vehicles in HD Universe

Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Ingot Station Wagon Volvo V70, Volvo 850, Nissan Stagea


  • Vulcar may be a play on the word "vulgar".
  • Vulcar was originally thought to be the in-game variant of Volkswagen, as the Ingot also had similarities to the VW Passat B4 Wagon.
  • Vulcar is also the name of a volcanic planet located within the Vulcar system of the Mid Rim in Star Wars. Volvo's emblem also boasts a planet symbol, Mars.

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