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Vulcar is an automotive manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Vulcar is most likely the GTA analogue of Volkswagen, as the Vulcar Ingot is strongly based on the Volkswagen Passat Mk4 station wagon. Their name appears to be a play-on of "vulgar", (meaning gross and inappropriate) and "car".

Vulcar may also be based on Swedish Manufacturer Volvo, or a combination of Volkswagen and Volvo. In GTA V a Pedestrian can be heard talking on a cell phone about "How safe Vulcars are", which may be a reference to well known Volvo safety standards.


Vehicles in HD Universe

Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Ingot Station Wagon Volkswagen Passat Mk4


  • Vulcar may be a play on the word "vulgar".
  • Vulcar is also the name of a volcanic planet located within the Vulcar system of the Mid Rim in Star Wars.
  • Another company called BF also exists in the HD Universe which is based on Volkswagen.

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