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Walter-GTA V
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Walter
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Home: Los Santos
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Family: Unnamed Sister
Kelly (niece)
Unnamed brother in-law
Businesses: Construction
Voiced by: Unknown

Walter is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Got Your Back of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Walter says little about his early life in the game, he mentions that after the husband of his sister abandoned her, he became a father figure to his niece, Kelly, and because of this he cares a lot about her. He says that he educated her to be a "right girl", with some conservative lessons like: "sex and drugs only after the marriage".

He also says that he worked with construction his entire life.

Events of GTA V

Walter calls for a taxi and will be waiting next to the Ammu-Nation of Pillbox Hill. He asks Franklin to take him to a warehouse in the Port of Los Santos, in the end of Signal Street.

Walter says that he is going to the Port of Los Santos to ask some members of The Lost MC gang about his niece, he says that she have disappeared for three days and is afraid that they had done something to her. Along the way, he describes The Lost members as guys that had no friends in their childhoods and are now performing their homoerotic dreams. Walter says that leather jacket and a bandana does not make someone tough and that he worked in construction his entire life, and there men didn't need to act as tough, because they were already tough. He also calls The Lost a bunch of glam rock rejects.

Close to his destination, Walter gives a pistol to Franklin and says that it's just for precaution.

Once they reach the Port, Walter tries to intimidate the The Lost members, but they soon start a shootout. Franklin and Walter manage to kill all the members and their reinforcements, Walter then thanks Franklin's help and says that they should leave the area before the cops shows up. Walter is not seen in the game again after this.


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