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A Warrener in GTA V.
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and three passengers)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V [DLC]
Grand Theft Auto Online [DLC]
Manufacturer Vulcar
Price $120,000 (Online) (
Related vehicle(s) Elegy RH8
"The legendary Swedish four door sedan. All the boxy design of a 1980s Vulcar, with none of the reliability. For lovers of tight jeans, micro breweries, and 70s cop shows." description.

The Vulcar Warrener is a 4-door sedan featured in the I'm Not a Hipster Update for Grand Theft Auto V.


The Warrener is implied to have a Swedish origin, but it draws most of its traits from the Japanese vehicles. The Warrener is heavily based on the Japanese designs of the Nissan Skyline GTR KGC10Datsun 510 (Bluebird), and the first year of the Toyota Corolla KE70. The car's front fascia is a heavy mix of those from the Peugeot 504 and Nissan Skyline C10. The chassis brings a mixed resemblance from the Datsun 510 and Volvo 144. The sideview mirror placement has a resemblance of the Toyota Century's.



Engine close up in GTA V.

Vulcar Warrener Twinturbo Engine GTAV

The Warrener with twin-turbo.

The Warrener is above average in some respects to most others cars within the sedan category, having very quick acceleration (only just below the Super Diamond) with a decent top speed of nearly 190 mph. Braking is best in class, being beaten by no other sedan in the category. Handling is sharp, with the car being very easy to control, along with being able to enter a corner without losing too much speed, however oversteer can be an issue.

Overall, the Warrener is a good all-around car, that might not be able to keep up with most of the cars in the sports category, but still outclass its sedan class competitors in almost any race. Crash deformation with the Warrener, however, is quite poor, as the vehicle's engine will fail after only a few head-on collisions. 



(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)

Top Speed

(mph / kph)

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AWD = All Wheel Drive
FWD = Front Wheel Drive
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In game Website: {{{Top speed stated}}}
Speedometer: {{{Top speed speedometer}}}
Game files: {{{Top speed files}}}






Type Upgrade Cost (Story Mode) Cost (Online)
Bumpers Custom Chin Spoiler $1250 $4600
Race Splitter & Oil Cooler $1650 $7400
Grachan Splitter & Oil Cooler $1950 $11700
Bumper Delete & Tow Hook $1250 $4600
Bumper Delete & Drift Charm $1650 $7500
Exhaust Titanium Exhaust $375 $750
Custom Shotgun Exhaust $899 $1800
Race Exhaust $1499 $3000
Shakotan Exhaust $4770 $9550
Grille Remove Grille $375 $750
Chrome Trim Delete $670 $1340
Exposed Intercooler $825 $1650
Trim Delete & Intercooler $1500 $3000
Headlights Headlight Cover $450 $900
Taped Up Headlights $750 $1500
Hoods Carbon Hood $850 $3000
Grachan Hood $1200 $5000
Roll Cages Roll Cage and Chassis Upgrade $550 $1100
Skirts Custom Arch Extensions $1500 $5500
Carbon Arch Extensions $2000 $8000
Spoiler Lip Spoiler $750 $7050
Ducktail Spoiler $850 $10000
High Level Spoiler $1300 $13000
Stock Car Wing $1750 $14000



  • Available in every protagonist's garage in single player (XB360/PS3 Version only).
  • Can be found in traffic (PC/XB1/PS4 Version only)

GTA Online



  • The Warrener is the first car in the series to have a frontwards-opening hood.
  • Although the description implies that the Warrener is considered a Swedish vehicle (probably meant to parody the Volvo 240), its overall appearance bears more of a distinctive Japanese style to it, specifically the Nissan 2400GT (HGLC10).
    • This continues the HD universe blending of Nissan and Volvo into the Vulcar brand, started with the Ingot which blends Volvo 850 and Nissan Stagea wagons.
    • In the 1960's, many Japanese auto designs were strongly influenced by (or even copies) of European designs, so although this does look like the original GTR, that also means it looks like a Volvo.
  • When turbo is installed in the Warrener, rather than featuring a blow-off valve that creates a distinct "hiss" sound when letting off the accelerator, it will feature compressor surges, creating a fluttering "whistle" sound. Several other classics and tuners in the game also have this feature.
  • Police chatter identifies the car as an Annis vehicle, when in fact it is manufactured by Vulcar. This is likely a developer's mistake, although Annis is notably based on Nissan, who manufactures the 1970 Nissan 2400GT on which the Warrener is based. This is possibly a reference to Nissan's sale of the 210 in the United States under the pseudonym of "Datsun" during the 1970s.
  • The engine looks like Nissan's real-life RB engine, with the exclusion of twin-turbo. This is because naturally aspirated RB engine is a popular engine swap options among vintage Skyline owners/enthusiasts. This is further asserted by the front grille "2600LX" badge, which means that this car's engine is probably based on Nissan's RB26 engine with the twin-turbo removed.
    • But when the exposed intercooler option is installed, a twin-turbo setup will appear, making the engine almost accurate to the RB26DETT version instead.
  • Its wheels resemble the famous RS Watanabe eight-spoke wheels, which is again, popular in import culture. The same wheels can be found on the Futo, an AE86-inspireed coupe and the Youga.
  • The Warrener is also the first vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V to have taped headlights modifications. This modification was popular in the late 1960s and 1970s Japanese race cars, gymkhana and rally cars.
    • Furthermore, some other modifications that can be applied to this car (such as the Shakotan exhaust and Grachan hood) appear to be inspired by the Shakotan car scene, a car style originating in Japan.
  • The interior features an automatic transmission gear lever.
  • The Warrener, like several other vehicles, does not contain reverse lights.
  • When installing a Lip or Ducktail spoiler, the "Warrener" badge will become partially covered.
  • This vehicle shares the engine sound with the Rat-Loader and the beater Rebel, but with a cleaner tone.
  • You can customize the car into a folkrace car (a homemade racecar) by removing bumpers, grille and trim, installing roll bars etc. This is most likely because old Volvos, Toyotas and Datsuns (on which the car is based, or at least is a parody of) are very popular vehicles in folkrace.


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