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Warstock Cache & Carry
Name: Warstock Cache & Carry
Tagline(s): "For All Your Rogue Military Needs"
Type: Weapons sales
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Los Santos
"Whether you're a private security company, paramilitary force, rebel militia, hot housewife, radical insurgent, unhinged lottery winner, over-zealous neighborhood watch group, or just a military hobbyist with a worrying amount of disposable income, we've got you covered."
―Warstock Cache & Carry

Warstock Cache & Carry is a vehicle sales business in Grand Theft Auto V


Warstock Cache & Carry is a business that sells military and utility equipment, vehicles, and more. The player can buy their products off of their website. They sell off road vehicles, tanks, airplanes, and helicopters. Aside from their standard military equipment, they also strangely sell many unrelated vehicles such as the Airport Bus, Mule and the Journey. It is possible that they are distributing the military gear illegally, as it seems that any citizen can buy their products, including the Rhino tank.







HVY Barracks OL



Single Player and Online

Nagasaki Buzzard



Single Player and Online

Western Company Cargobob



Single Player only



$3,000,000(single-player) 2,000,000(online)

Single Player and Online

Brute Airport Bus



Online only

Canis Crusader



Single Player and Online

Western Company Annihilator



Online only


C-130 Plane


Online only

Brute Bus



Online only

Zirconium Journey



Online only

Maibatsu Mule

Commercial Truck


Online only


  • The player can receive a one-time 10% discount from Warstock Cache & Carry by creating a Rockstar Social Club account and stalking the store on Lifeinvader.
  • The Cargobob can be bought in Online via an exploit/glitch with the URL of the vehicle page. First, select any vehicle from the list, then click the Home button and move the cursor over the navigation bar. Press B/Circle (Xbox 360/PS3), then press rapidly 2 times A/X (Xbox 360/PS3) to edit the address in the navigation bar. Replace the vehicle ID number with the number 5 to open the page of the Cargobob.This glitch was patched after 1.12
  • In the advertisement, the ATV resembles the GTA IV Patriot with a bed and the Attack Helicopter looks like a Hunter. These vehicles are currently unused in the game, but may become added as another DLC.
  • Despite the Titan appearing in the advertisement, it isn't available to buy. However, it can be bought through Elitas Travel Online.
  • The Titan in the advertesiment is olive drab with a white belly and vertical stabilizer. In the actual game, it's desert tan with light brown.
  • "Cache and Carry" is a play on Cash and Carry, a term president FDR used when selling weapons and supplies to the British during the second World War, a process in which the British would pay in cash up front and haul the supplies back themselves.

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