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{{infobox mission
{{Infobox mission
|name=Water Carry On!
|name=Water Carry On!
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*[ The Dam! on YouTube by GTAmissions - PlayStation version]
*[ The Dam! on YouTube by GTAmissions - PlayStation version]
[[Category:Missions in GTA 2]]
[[pl:Water Carry On!]]
[[Category:Missions in GTA 2]]

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Water Carry On!
Game: Grand Theft Auto 2
For: Dr. LaBrat
Location: Dominatrix, Residential District, Anywhere City

Water Carry On!, also known as The Dam!, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Scientist boss Dr. LaBrat. The mission is the second job available from the red Scientist phone in Dominatrix of the Residential District.


The H2000 Water Company is troubling the Scientists and they need the problem gone. They hire Claude to attack the Dam, sabotage it, and escape.


The reward for completing this mission is $70,000.

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