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The Weapon Wheel in the enhanced version of GTA V

The Weapon Wheel is a feature in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (PSP and smart-phone versions), Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto titles, the weapon system has now been revamped. Instead of having to scroll through the player's weapons, the player can now use a wheel, which is similar to that of the Radio Wheel and Character Wheel, to change their weapons. The player can now hold more than one weapon of their class. For example, in GTA IV, the player would be unable to hold a MP5 and a Micro-SMG at the same time, but it is now possible in GTA V.


There are eight different slots in the Weapon Wheel:

  1. The top slot holds pistols such as the Stun GunAP Pistol, etc.
  2. The second slot going clockwise holds machine guns.
  3. The third slot (clockwise) assault rifles such as the Carbine Rifle.
  4. The fourth slot (clockwise) holds sniper rifles such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle.
  5. The fith and bottom slot is the unarmed and melee slot.
  6. The sixth slot (clockwise) holds shotguns such as the Pump Action Shotgun.
  7. The seventh slot (clockwise) holds heavy weapons such as the Grenade Launcher and Minigun.
  8. Lastly, the 8th slot (clockwise) holds thrown explosives such as Molotov CocktailsGrenades and Sticky Bombs.

In the middle of the weapon wheel, there is the weapon's name, the inventory place and the adquired attachments of the weapon. At the top right corner, stats are visible. If a parachute is in the player's inventory, it will be shown on the bottom right of the wheel, next to the Sniper Rifle slot. After patch 1.16, the number "2" can be seen if there are 2 parachutes.

When activated, each slot shows the current ammunition of the weapon and a colored line that shows the actual weapon. The selector is represented by a highlighted slot, which when deactivated, the character will take that weapon. Not all weapons are able to share ammunitions, which depends of their technical aspects (i.e. Heavy weapons).

In GTA V (Story Mode), when the weapon wheel is activated, the game slows down, being useful during missions or wanted levels. However, is only possible while on foot.

Wheel Tiers



  • The Weapon Wheel is based on the weapon switching feature in another Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption, as well as Max Payne 3, but using 4 slots (single hand weapons onto the sides, dual-wielding weapons on the top and two hand weapons on the bottom).
  • The Musket is strangely placed in the Shotgun slot, though the Musket is its own type of gun, it is more closely related to a Rifle than to a Shotgun.

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