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Grand Theft Auto Advance has a variety of weapons that take aspects from two games; the first being Grand Theft Auto 1, and the other being Grand Theft Auto III. Since the Nintendo Gameboy Advance could only support minimal low quality graphics, the top view returned from the 2D Universe game Grand Theft Auto 1, also, since the GBA could support still images in a good way, the HUD from GTA III is reused. Another point is that since there is no 1st or 3rd person aiming in this game, there is no sniper rifle or first-person aiming of the Rocket Launcher available in the game. Like GTA III, there are no weapon slots, so you can have all weapons at once. You can find a list of the weapons in GTA Advance in the instruction manual you get with the game. Unusually, you can switch between weapons when inside a vehicle , making this the first GTA to do so, followed by the HD Universe (This is the only way to use the Car Bomb).

There are not many sources stating the weapons on GTA Advance on the web, however, there are the following weapons in the game:

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