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"Weazel News, Confirming your prejudices!"
―Current Tagline
Weazel News

Weazel News Television (Weazel News) is the news branch of Weazel that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


The Weazel News name was first mentioned briefly in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, during a closing dialog in "Coq au Vin" in LCFR. It is in Grand Theft Auto IV, however, when its prominence was elevated, reporting events of Liberty City and the exploits of the player.

In the HD Universe, Weazel News is a massive news network with 3-news divisions including Weazel Sports. In GTA IV Niko can visit the website, watch it on television or most commonly, listen to it on the radio. Weazel News also operates a program known as The Weazel News Morning Show, most likely a parody of Fox & Friends. In GTA V, the main broadcasting building for the network can be found in Little Seoul and its corporate headquarters, based on the Fox Plaza, is located in Rockford Hills. Weazel News also owns their own set of custom Rumpo news vans.

Slogan & Motto

The company's slogan & motto tagline, "Reporting The Right News" (Grand Theft Auto IV & Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City) was introduced on 1 January 2008, Later on 1 January 2012, it was revamped to "Confirming your prejudices" (Grand Theft Auto V).

Slogan & Motto Start usage End usage Version
"Reporting The Right News" 1 January 2008 31 December 2011 Grand Theft Auto IV & Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
"Confirming your prejudices" 1 January 2012 Grand Theft Auto V


Radio stories

The news on the radio will update itself as the player progresses through the story.


The Lost and Damned

The Lost and Damned feature stories unique to Johnny Klebitz's storyline but also includes references events from the GTA IV storyline:

The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad of Gay Tony features stories unique to Luis Fernando Lopez' storyline, but references events in the other plots as well.

Grand Theft Auto V

WeazelNews 1 Radio GTAV
  • Devin Weston profits from congress's decision to allow Merryweather to expand domestic operations, gang crime on the rise, funding war between security agencies (FIB and IAA) rages in the capitol, Epsilonism declared not a cult, historic Vinewood movie studio closed down, Bawsaq in wild swings again as stocks drop.
WeazelNews 2 Radio GTAV
WeazelNews-3 Radio GTAV
WeazelNews-4 Radio GTAV
WeazelNews-5 Radio GTAV
WeazelNews-6 Radio GTAV
  • Bloody shootout at a Meth lab in Sandy Shores, Facade hit with a data mining scandal, wealthy residents protest against a planned extension of the Los Santos Metro, erection pill wars rage on.


  • Weazel News is a parody of Fox News, as both weasels and foxes are both mammals native to North America.
  • A "weasel" is an insult that is synonymous with the word "coward". It is also an euphemism for a penis.
  • Weazel in Weazel News is spelled incorrectly, though, this was most likely intentional.
    • It could also be a reference to how American spelling replaces S with Z (i.e. recognise to recognize). This alludes to the fact that Weazel News is extremely patriotic and conservative.
  • Its old slogan, "reporting the right news" is a reference to the belief that Fox News is biased to right wings or Conservatives.
  • For every time the player finishes a mission, the next day news story of what happened will be heard on the radio.

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