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Weazel News

Weazel News is a news branch of Weazel that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV. The news branch parodies FOX News.

The Weazel News name was first mentioned briefly in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, during a closing dialog in "Coq au Vin" in LCFR. It is in Grand Theft Auto IV, however, when its prominence was elevated, reporting events of Liberty City and the exploits of the player.

In GTA IV, Weazel News is a massive news network, with several divisions, including Weazel Sports, Weazel Weather and Weazel Business. Niko can visit the website, watch it on TV or most commonly, listen to it on the radio.

Travellers on the Liberty Transport Authority rail service from Grand Easton Terminal (via Easton LTA) to Francis International Airport LTA in full-Liberty City subway stations are also treated to a specially recorded Weazel News bulletin—introduced with a namecheck of "Welcome to Weazel News onboard the Liberty Transport Authority"—during the 15-minute journey. This short bulletin is updated twice a day and is shown in both classes on LCD HDTV throughout the train.

Many airlines from across the world also play pre-recorded extracts of the Weazel News with text headlines from it or have a full bulletin available on the in-flight entertainment systems. Airlines with Weazel World News include FlyUS, Vice City Air and DMAir Rockstar. Travellers can watch the bulletins on Weazel shortly after take-off on FlyUS flights operated from Liberty City-Francis to Los Santos, Liberty City-Francis to San Fierro-Easter Bay, Liberty City-Francis to Las Venturas and Liberty City-Francis to Vice City-Escobar.


Grand Theft Auto IV

"Reporting The Right News"

Grand Theft Auto V

"Standing Up To The Liberal Agenda One Issue At A Time"


Radio stories

The news on the radio will update itself as the player progresses through the story.


The Lost and Damned

The Lost and Damned feature stories unique to Johnny Klebitz's storyline but also includes references events from the GTA IV storyline:

The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad of Gay Tony features stories unique to Luis Fernando Lopez' storyline, but references events in the other plots as well.

  • Evan Moss murder
  • Annihilators exploding near Rotterdam Tower
  • Bobby Jefferson gives a speech after an attempted assassination. (GTA IV story)
  • Mayor Ochoa proposes plan to flood subways to fight rodent infestation and the bad smell of pee from the homeless.
  • A British Government offical loses laptop containing private information. The Home Office says nothing to worry and don't panic but images for the Ministry of Defence's christmas party has been found on the internet.
  • President Lawton involved in a texting/E-mail scandal with the Italian Prime Minister
  • A MyRoom user sets fire to a neighbours' house after being 'de-friended' by the neighbour.


  • As explained above, Weazel News mocks Fox News, as both weasels and foxes are native animals to America and Europe, presuming that it's a Red Fox.
  • 'Weasel' is also used as a word to show cowardice, 'To weasel out of something' but it is also a Euphemism for a penis.
  • Weazel in Weazel News is spelled incorrectly, though, this was maybe intentional.
  • The Weazel News Helicopter is a two bladed Maverick even though the GTA IV Maverick is a four bladed variant. The two bladed varient possibly have been removed and replaced with a four bladed one in development.
  • There is a humerous Weazel News advertisement on TV that shows a Weazel News Helicopter hovering near a man on fire while asking him to look at the camera on the helicopter.

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