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Weazel Plaza Apartment 70 is one of 3 purchasable apartments in Weazel Plaza on GTA Online.  

Weazel Plaza

Weazel Plaza is a 490 foot skyscraper in Rockford Hills. It includes luxury apartments which you can purchase and it neighbors Richards Majestic. Its real life counterpart is Fox Plaza. 

Apt. 70

Apt.70 is a luxury apartment that the player can purchase for $319,000. If you look outside the windows for a view you see the beach, the Pacific Ocean, high-end shopping stores, Richards Majestic Building, and Richards Majestic Studios. This is one of the popular apartments in the game because of its view. It also includes a 10 car garage.


  • The apartment is possibly on the 19th-20th floors of the skyscraper.
  • If you watch TV you get to see surveillance footage of your garage and the front entrance of the building.

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