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[[File:Westminsterfiredepartment-GTA4-exterior.jpg|thumb|400px|Westminster Fire Station]]The '''Westminster Fire Station''', is an [[LCFD]] station in the neighborhood of [[Westminster]] in [[Algonquin]]. It is based off of Engine 1 Ladder 24 of [[wp:FDNY|FDNY]].
{{Stub}}[[File:Westminsterfiredepartment-GTA4-exterior.jpg|thumb|200px|Westminster Fire Station]]
The '''Westminster Fire Station''' is an [[Liberty City Fire Department (HD Universe)|LCFD]] station in the neighborhood of [[Westminster]] in [[Algonquin]]. It is based on Engine 47 of the [[wp:FDNY|FDNY]].
[[Category:Fire Stations]]
*The fire station it is based off in real life was the first to report sightings on [[wp:9/11|9/11]] and first on scene since it's one of the closest fire houses in the area of the [[wp:World Trade Center site|World Trade Center.]]
[[Category:Fire Stations in GTA IV]]
[[Category:Fire Stations in GTA IV]]

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Westminster Fire Station

The Westminster Fire Station is an LCFD station in the neighborhood of Westminster in Algonquin. It is based on Engine 47 of the FDNY.

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