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Whippet Race Bike
Whippet Bike GTA V
 A Whippet Race Bike in GTA V
(Rear quarter view).
Vehicle type  Bicycle
Capacity  1 (rider)
Appearance(s)  Grand Theft Auto V
"High strength carbon fiber frame, super-stable fork, alloy rims, this road bike will let people know you are serious about a sport made obsolete by combustion engines years ago. Get serious about working out by spending a lot of money on gear right now."

The Whippet Race Bike is a race bike in Grand Theft Auto V.


The bike is designed as a street racing bike, with a light frame, inverted handlebars, and a short wheelbase for improved maneuverability. The bicycle is one of the fastest in the game. It is sold by the website for $2,500. It has the same green, black, and white appearance and is one of the faster bikes in the game.




  • Whippets are a breed of dog which are related to greyhounds. Whippets are incredibly fast, capable of running up to 35 miles per hour.
  • The name of the bike may also be referencing Whippets, which is a can or cylinder of nitrous oxide that is sometimes used recreationally as a drug.



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