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"Before my contact was fingered by Internal Affairs, he told me our rat's ID is on an encrypted file in the FIB mainframe. You're gonna have to hack in, steal the file, and then cover your tracks before sending it to me."
Wade Heston

Wi-Find is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston.


Wade's contact on the FIB has been scared off by the IAD. However, the rat's ID is on a encrypted file on the FIB mainframe, and can still be acquired by hacking the network and taking the file.


The mission is simple, just drive to the indicated location and two wireless points will appear on the map, the player needs to be exactly between this two points to download the rat's file. Just pay attention to where the signal gets stronger and wait until the file has been fully downloaded. The player must do this four times in four different locations. After each hack the player gains a wanted level star. After doing this four times, lose any heat and report back to Heston.

Turns out that there are two rats: Zhou and Chan. Both were reporting the Triads and each other to the feds. Wade says that he is out of the operation and that Huang can do what he want with the information.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the first transfer area - midway between the wireless hotspots
  • 1 of 4 transfers complete. Use the hotsopts to find the next transfer area
  • 2 of 4 transfers complete. Use the hotsopts to find the next transfer area
  • 3 of 4 transfers complete. Use the hotspots to find the next transfer area
  • Lose your wanted level
  • Meet up with Heston


  • The name of the mission is obvious preference to Wi-Fi, a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly over a computer network, including high-speed internet connections.

Mission Replay description

"I chased around the city, hacking into the FIB mainframe to get the file on their rat.

Discovered there were in fact two rats: Chan and Zhou!

Those bastards were both selling the Triads out for their own gain. Gotta admire their balls, really."


Video Walkthroughs

GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 59 - Wi-Find12:40

GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 59 - Wi-Find

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